Saturday, 29 April 2017

First Blog Sale !!!!! Oriflame Products at great Discount !!!!!!

Blog Sale !!!!!! Oriflame Products !!!!!

Hello friends !!! Hope you all are doing great . Today , I have a new kind of blog post for you . Its a Sale. Yes you heard it right . <3 I have a Blog sale . All the products in this sale are Unused and New . I planned this sale because i already have plenty of beauty products in my vanity . And i don't want them to just be sit in my drawers and expire there after . I am clearing out my stuff.  If someone interested to buy beauty products do mail me at - or Dm me on Instagram or comment below . Confirm your sale by payment in advance . Product can be send to you within 10 days .Courier charges are Rs 50 for Delhi / NCR and Rs 80 for rest India . Sale is for Indians only or who have Indian shipping address. Freebies to order above Rs 500. 

Lets move to Sale items :

1 - The One Oriflame Gel Liner (Black ): (SOLD )

MRP - Rs.  499                                                                   Sale Price - Rs. 300

Expiry Date - 02/2019 , Date of Import - 02/2016 , Date of registration - 07/ 2014


2 - Sunzone whitening UVA / UVB SPF 30 Sunscreen , 50 ml : (SOLD)

MRP -  Rs. 549                                                                         Sale Price - 320 

Expiry Date - 08/2019


3 - Milk and Honey Gold Sugar Scrub , 200 grms : (SOLD)

MRP - Rs. 649                                                                                 Sale Price - Rs. 250

Expiry Date - 08/2019


4 - Very Me Peach me Perfect Body Glow : (Sold )

MRP - Rs. 449                                                                               Sale Price - Rs. 150 

Expiry Date - 02/2018

(Sold )

5 - The One 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick :

Shade - Uptown Rose 

MRP Rs . 549                                                                            Sale Price -  250

Expiry date - 11/ 2018

6 -  Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20 :(SOLD)

MRP - Rs. 999                                                                       Sale Price - Rs 450 

Expiry Date -  02/2020


7 - Oriflame Compact : 

MRP - Rs. 349                                                                         Sale Price - Rs 170 

Expiry Date - 03/2020 

8 - Love Nature Aloevera Gel Cream , 50 grms :

MRP Rs. - 379                                                                               Sale Price - Rs. 180

Expiry Date - 12/2019

9 - The one Skatech Pen Liner (Black) : (SOLD )

MRP - Rs.  599                                                                          Sale Price - Rs. 320 

Expiry Date - 2019 , Import is in 06/2016 , Registration of Product - 07/2014


10 -  The One Lip Sensation Matte Mousse :

Shade - Coral Dream 

MRP - Rs.  699                                                                               Sale Price - 380 

Expiry Date - 11/2019 , Import Date - 11/2016 , Regisgration Date - 07/2014

11 - Love Nature Aloevera Cleansing Gel, 150 ml :

MRP - Rs. 349                                                                                        Sale Price - Rs 150 

Expiry Date - Its not printed . But its New and Purchased in March 2017.

12 - Pure skin Blackhead Clearing Mask , 50 grms : (Sold )

MRP - Rs. 399                                                                         Sale Price Rs. 180 

Expiry Date - 09/2019


All the Products are original and bought by by own money . I have a stock of Oriflame Products that's why I am doing Blog Sale . Even I am selling to the best price possible by me .  Please don't ask for further discount .I already discounted best all the products .Once you pay the amount your order is confirmed . and will be delivered within 10 days. I will also share courier tracking number once the product will be shipped . 

Do comment in the comment section ,If you want to buy any stuff from above . If product amount  is not paid by person in 48 hours, the product will offer to the next person . Payment should be done in advance. You can pay by Paytm and Bank Transfer . Once you confirm your purchase .I will message you my Bank Details or Paytm Account Details .

Happy Shopping !!!!!

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India's First Caffeine Infused Personal Care Brand - Mcaffeine Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower Gel : Review

Mcaffeine  - Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower Gel 

What it Claims :

Mcaffeine shower energize your skin with the power of Caffeine . Rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals .

Its also claims -
  •  Hydrates the skin .
  •  Removes dead skin cells and gives a healthy glow .
  •  Caffeine soothes the skin and firms , it reduces puffiness and tones the skin .

Ingredients :

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 359 for 150 ml.

Shelf Life :

Best before in 24 months from the date of manufacturing .

Directions to use :

Pump the shower gel on your loofah to create a nice , thick lather . Scrub well . Let the Caffeine kick in . Rinse .

My take on Mcaffeine Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower Gel :

This  shower gel contains Caffeine which act as anti-oxidant and helps to fight with free radicals . Also helpful in reducing cellulite when use for long run . We all know Caffeine has numerous benefits. And Mcaffeine incorporated Caffeine in their products to give us energetic and refreshed products . This product also helpful in detoxifying the skin . The smell is nice , not over powering . The texture of the shower gel is in gel form and it is blue in color. The packaging is also very attractive .  I love trying new shower gel and I love this shower gel by Mcaffeine . This shower gel helps to make my skin soft and supple . They also shared a  coupon code for my next purchase . Guys do give it a try you will love it .

Pros :

  • India's First Caffeine Infused Personal Care Brand .
  • Cruelty free .
  • Paraben Free .
  • Contains Vitamin C and E .
  • Nice Fragrance , not over- powering .
  • Have Caffeine which helps to get rid Cellulite .
  • You feel refreshing after bath for long time .
  •  Packaging is attractive .
  • Have caffeine which slows down the aging process , if you use shower gel for long time .

Cons :

  • Little pricey as compared to quantity given .
  • Some may find it as normal shower gel .( But it has caffeine which works slowly and helps in slowing down aging process. )

Availability :

Available at their own website -
And also available at Nykaa - click Here .
Available at Amazon also . Click Here .

Rating :

4 / 5 

My Verdict :

Shower gel is quite nice . It has Caffeine which catches my eye to choose this product . Fragrance is lovely not over powering . You feel refreshed and energetic for long time after using this shower gel . Also caffeine helps to get rid cellulite which is plus point . So grab yours and give it try at least .

Guys do share your thoughts and share which shower gel you using presently ?

Do share your feedback in the comment section .

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Review of " Soap Factory " Cute little Hand Made Soaps By jayshree Rukhana

"Soap Factory " Handmade Soaps By Jayshree Rukhana 

About Brand :

Jayshree Rukhana owns brand of Handmade soaps " Soap Factory " . She is self made women . I really appreciate how she manages all things at her own. The soaps she make is Natural and Handmade.  

Price :

Prices are vary from soap to soap. They have huge varieties of soaps , different colors and flavors .

Shelf Life :

Even though there is no expiry date mentioned on soaps as they are handmade and hand packed . But I think it should be minimum 12 months from the date of manufacturing .

My Take on Soaps :

Soaps are really cute . She sent be bunch of Handmade soaps . I love all of them . I received strawberry , lemon , Orange and Lemongrass and many other flavors also. All soaps smell divine . They lather well and after bath leaves a soothing fragrance behind . I love the cute little 3 soaps which are in heart and flower shape . I gifted those 3 soaps to my little Niece . She loves them so much .  All soaps are Natural and chemical free. She used food colors and natural fragrances in them . They have wide variety and shapes and designs . You will definitely love them . Do checkout her page . She also do take orders for functions like baby shower and return gifts etc. 

Availability :

You can order these handmade soaps from their Instagram page and Facebook page . Also you order by call or wattsapp .

Click for Facebook Link - Here

Click for Instagram Link - Here 

Order By call at - 9821924128

Rating :

4.8 / 5

My Verdict :

The soaps are very cute and have amazing fragrance and not only fragrance they have flavors like fruity - strawberry , Mango , berries and have citrus flavors also Lemon , Orange etc. Many more designs and varieties available . I definitely recommend you to checkout her page and order some . You will love it.

Have you used any handmade soaps ? Do share your experience in the comment box. 

Do share your feedback in the comment box below. 

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Most affordable Beauty Subscription Box - GlamEgo - March Edition : Review

GlamEgo - Subscription Box - March Edition 

Hello friends !!!! Today I am sharing a affordable subscription box with you. Its a Beauty subscription box launched on 8th March 2017 .

March month  Box.

Brand Claims : 

Their beauty enthusiasts and in- house experts assemble a unique set of fascinating hand picked products every month. As a subscriber you will receive a monthly doorstep delivery , of the GlamEgo Box  tat is sure to dazzle and delight you. The box will contain pre- selected of full- sized and deluxe - sized products along with " How to" tutorials . All of it mere for Rs. 299 per month. 

Packaging :

The packaging is eco-friendly , its a brown card board box with GlamEgo logo . All the products inside is bubble wrapped . I received the box in very good condition and nothing is spilled or leaked . 

Price :

Earlier when its launched its for Rs. 199 each for a month and now its for Rs 349 per month . Although products are pre-selected as they said , they send them according to your profile .

What i got in my GlamEgo March Box :

1 - Auravedic Kajal :

2 - Seasoul Facial Kit :

3 - Bio-Bloom Orange Lip Balm :

4 -  KronoKare City Detox Face Wash :

Availability :

Its available on its own website - 

My take on GlamEgo Subscription Box :

The company claims that they offering a affordable beauty subscription box . And well i must say its true . Although the products are already pre-selected . So , they only send products from the pre-selected stuff according to person's beauty profile . I got 4 products in March 2017 GlamEgo box . I am impressed by the quick delivery of the box. I received aal the stuff in good condition . Its nicely packed . If you are beauty subscription Box lover , you should definately give a try to this box. I am very happy with things i received , I just paid Rs. 199 and in just under 200 bugs i received 4 products. I am very happy . 

Rating :

4.5 /5
( I only deduct .5 because boxes have pre- selected stuff not personalised , every one received same products just 1 product might different )

My Verdict :

The GlamEgo Beauty Subscription Box is quite promising , although ,I see many people received the same stuff . But the box is worth purchasing . You will receive more than what you paid for. They have quick shipping also. So, guys checkout their website and place your order .

Love :


Friday, 21 April 2017

Previous giveaway Prizes, Winners and a Announcement

Previous Giveaway Prizes and Announcement

Hello friends !!!! Hope you doing all well . Today I am going to reveal the prizes of my previous giveaway. There is also a girl , who made so much hype and chaos over giveaway gift . First of all , I am telling you guys giveaway is form of love which i send in form of gift to you guys in return of love you shower me. Please take participate with happy heart not with greed. Don't expect me luxury gifts until unless its sponsored. 

So now lets move to gifts. There are five boxes or you can say gifts- 

1 - 

This gift goes to @hiral_hsd4ever 

Gift Contains :

  • 1 Sample bottle of Shower Gel.
  • 1 Sample Bottle of Moisturizer .
  • 1 pair of Earring .
  • 1 Rajasthani Bangle (Kada Style )
  • 1 Dr. Wheatgrass Superbalm Sample.
  • 1 Oriflame Soap.

2 - 

This Gift goes to @anitapratapsingh 

Gift contains :

  • 1 TBC By Nature Strawberry Body Butter 
  • 1 Earring.
  • 1 Sample pouch of Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil.
  • 1 Sample Pouch of Tea.
  • 1 Kronocare Lavender Soap.
  • 1 Oriflame Nail Paint . ( Extra gift for loyal follower, she is always been so nice and active on my blog & instagram)

3 - 

This gift goes to @winsome.soul 

Gift Contains :

  • 1 Chokar .
  • 1 pair of Danglers.
  • 1 Bobbi Brown Sample .
  • 1 Tea Sample.
  • 1 Oriflame Nail Polish .
  • 1 Oriflame Soap.

4 - 

This Gift goes to @sitashree__  

Gift Contains :

  • 1 Sample Pouch of Dr. Wheatgrass Super balm.
  • 1 sample pouch of Bodyshop Drops of Light.
  • 1 sample pouch of Medimix intimate Wash.
  • 1 Oriflame Nail Polish .
  • 1 Oriflame Soap.

5 - The 5th gift was already sent to a girl . My Mobile screen broked so , i couldn't able to upload the gift picture . But i promise you i will upload soon .

This gift was sent to @nida_7694 

Gift contains -

  • 1 bracelet .
  • 1 Oriflame Nail paint.
  • 1 sample pouch of Tea.
  • 1 sample pouch of Shanaz Husain Cream.
  • 1 Fushia's Orange Handmade Soap .
  • 1 sample Size of Ponds White Beauty Cream.

Congratulations to each  winner . Enjoy your gift. And shower your love . Participate with happy heart and do follow my blog and comment on my Instagram , it encourages me to write more blogs. 

Giveaway gifts has been dispatched.. You will receive within 4 to 5 working days. 

P.S : Check my Instgram and Blog a New giveaway soon .

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Mcaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter : Review

Mcaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter 

Hello Friends !!! Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review a body butter from the brand " Mcaffeine " . I love body butters . What about you guys . I personally feel body butter hydrates and moistursize skin for longer period. Here ,I share my experience about the Mcaffeine Body butter which also helps to beak the cellulite . 

Company Claims :

Nourishes deeper for revitalized , supple skin and reduces cellulite . This daily ritual gives your skin that younger , firmer tone and gets rid of free radicals .

Ingredients :

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 399 for 50 ml.

Shelf Life :

24 months from the date of manufacturing .

Directions to use :

Apply generously all over the body with your hands in massaging motions .

My take own Mcaffeine Body Butter : 

The Mcaffeine Body Butter is enriched with Lanolin wax and Vitamin E . The texture of the Body Butter is smooth and have thick consistency . Mcaffeine Body Butter moisturizes the skin so well.  I love the fact that the smell of the Body Butter is so soothing not so overpowering . I generally applied the Mcaffeine Body Butter at night time when heading to bed . It works best when applied at night time , it nourishes the skin so well . Make skin supple , soft and make it glowing all day long . Mcaffeine products are cruelty free and paraben free. Mcaffeine products make skin firmer and helps to get rid of free radicals . The regular application of Mcaffeine body butter  also helps to reduce cellulite. The only thing is its bit costlier ass the quantity provided . Earlier i used The body shop and Oriflame body butter .So for me , the cost is ok. I suggests it to the dry skin people , they will love it. 

Pros :

  • True to what the product claims .
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin for long time.
  • Have pleasant smell , not so overpowering.
  • With vitamin E and Lanolin wax.
  • Paraben free.
  • Not tested on animals .

Cons :

  • A bit pricey as per the quantity provided.

Availability :

Its available on its own website - .
And also available on Amazon .

Rating :

4.5 / 5 

My Verdict :

Overall , its a nice body butter , have thick consistency .Hydrates and moisturizes the skin well . The body butter is light weight , doesn't clog the pores and also not too greasy . Body butters are great option for dry skin people . Apply before heading to bed and shower in morning . Body butter make your skin supple and soft all day long , you don't need to apply moisturizer again and again . So , its a good buy for dry skin people .

Please do share your feedback in the comment section below. It encourages me to write more blogs .

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