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Review of Organic & Preservative Free -Omorfee Body Softening Oil

Omorfee Body Sofftening Oil 

Hello Friends , Hope you all are doing well . Today I am going to review a Body Softening Oil from Omorfee and also a giveaway for you . So go thorough my review of Omorfee Body Softening Oil and participate in the giveaway .

About Omorfee : 

"Omorfee" is an Indo- German Company in Greek connotes "beautiful" , started in 2014 . Omorfee proffers natural and organic beauty care range , which have been formulated after vast and diligent research work . Omorfee promises to deliver a truly effective care for your body and beauty .

Product Description :

Omorfee Body Softening Oil is enriched with Vitamin E and other essential nutritive of Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil ,Lemongrass Oil ,Lavender Oil and Sweet Almond Oil .For toned , healthy and glowing skin .

Olive Oil :

Olive Oil hydrates the scalene layer of the skin .Its anti-oxidant rich , protect the skin from damage of free radicals .

Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil :

Jojoba and Almond Oil smooth en , soften and brighten the skin . Jojoba Oil optimizes the oil secretion of the skin .

Rosemary Oil :

The "Carmosal" in the Rosemary Oil, greatly reduces inflammation and plays an instrumental role in cellulite reduction . 

Lavender Oil and Basil Oil :

Lavender and basil Oil greatly relax and rejuvenate the body by enhancing blood circulation .

How to use :

Gently massage 4-5 drops of the oil onto slightly damp body , after shower , for a glowing and moisturized skin .

Ingredient List :

Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Rosemary Oil , Lavender Oil , Basil Oil , Lemongrass Oil . 

Price & Quantity :

Rs. 329 for 50 ml .

Shelf Life :

Use within 12 Months of opening the bottle .

My take on Omorfee Body Softening Oil :

I use the body oils in the winters to combat dry skin during the chilled windy season . The Omorfee Body Softening is a blend essential oils which gives spa like feeling at home . Just massage the body oil after bath on the body . I just apply 4-6 drops of oil on my hands & legs and after that i also apply moisturizer . My skin get hydrated whole day long after that , I don't even need to reapply any moisturizer thereafter . The Body oil also smells divine . I love the fact that Omorfee made their products from organically sourced ingredients . And their products are cruelty free . I love using essential oils on my skin and the Omorfee Body Softening Oil is a perfect blend of essential oils which gives my skin a supple soft touch and glowing effect . You can also use after the warm shower at night , it relaxes your body ,reduces any inflammation and aid body ache and soothes the muscles . 

Packaging :

The Body Softening Oil packaged in amber (brown) color plastic bottle to intact the effectiveness of essential oils .

Pros :

  • Made up of Organically sourced ingredients only .
  • Cruelty free.
  • Make skin soft and supple .
  • Smells divine.

Cons :

  • As of now only available at their website & in few subscription boxes .
  • A little pricey according to the quantity given .

Checkout their website Here .

Rating :


My Verdict :  

The Omorfee Body Softening gives your skin a soft , supple and glowing touch . It has a perfect blend of essential oils which hydrates , protect , softens and soothes and relax  the body .They also have amazing list of products and all products are organically sourced and free from chemicals and preservatives , checkout out their website .

I also have a give away for you guys , you can win Omorfee Melting Hand Moisturizer ( 50 grms ) Worth Rs 699/ . (Giveaway Closed)

Giveaway starts from Today 17th december ,2016 and Ends on 23rd December ,2016.
Results announcement on 24th December .

Checkout out My Instagram for Giveaway details  Here .

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Biotique Disney Themed Kids Range Review

Biotique Disney Themed Kids Range 

Hello everyone , Hope you doing all well . Today I am introducing you all a kids range from the brand Biotique which is known for offering authentic and 100% vegetarian skin care , body care ,hair care and  wellness products for all age groups from a long time .

Recently the brand partnered with Disney India and launched a special range of preservative free and organically pure products for kids and babies . They sent me their kids range which includes Bio Almond Oil , Bio Berry Body Wash , Apple Twist Shampoo and Honey Sunshine Nourishing Lotion . My Niece love the products , she loved the Disney cartoon character printed on them . Her favorite is Body lotion and Body wash .

About Biotique : 

Biotique products are made up of  100% organically-pure , preservative-free ingredients and renewable resources - cultivated , gathered , blended and manufactured in the foothills of the Himalayas .And there is no animal testing on them .

Packaging :

The packaging of the kids range is so cute , inspired from the Disney characters .They have cute prints on the bottles of the products , of the Disney character's Cinderella , Snow white , Mickey Mouse , Rapunzel , Lightening McQueen which kids love . The body wash and almond oil comes in the sleek cylindrical plastic bottles . The hair shampoo and Body lotion packed in flattened plastic bottles . The Kids surely love the packaging . My niece loves the cartoon and Body lotion is her favorite . 

The Biotique made organically- pure and preservative free products for kids which are mild on the skin of the kids . And the packaging is done so cutely the kids will surely adore it . 

Bio Almond Massage Oil :

The Biotique Almond Massage oil doesn't only have almond oil but have a blend of many oils like kusumbhi oil , Neem oil , Soya oil , Arandi oil , Sunflower oil , Sesame oil . The concoction of oils make the massage oil rich , which nourishes the skin of the kid's and gives them supple and soft skin . Mother loves to massage their kids before bath which relaxes the kids and make the mother and kid bond stronger . The color of the massage oil is light golden yellow and its is easily absorbs in to the skin of the kids and keep the dryness at bay .

Price : Rs 150 for 200 ml .

Bio Berry Body Wash :

My niece enjoys the bubble body washes . The body wash has a refreshing smell and is in neutral color .  The Body wash lathers well .The Key Ingredients of the Body wash are Banhaldi , Tesu , Neem , Gajar , Reetha and ghrit kumari which makes the skin of the kids supple and soft and kid's will experience an amazing refreshing bath .

Price : Rs 180 for 200 ml .

Apple Twist Shampoo :

The smell of the shampoo is so divine and it is green in color . The shampoo is mild and makes the hairs of my niece soft and shiny . The shampoo has green apple extracts , sea algae and centella which removes all dirt and greasiness from the scalp without disturbing the natural oils of the scalp . Biotique Apple twist shampoo is 100 % soap free shampoo i.e mild on scalp of the kids . My niece who always shows tantrums to wash her hairs loves the cartoon printed shampoo bottle and now she loves to wash her hair by my sister happily . :-)

Price : Rs 175 for 200 ml .

Honey Sunshine Nourishing Lotion :

The Honey Sunshine Body Lotion made from choicest ingredients like Ghrit kumari , Methi , Madhu , Ankurit Gehun , kusumbhi tail , Moongphali Tail nurtures kids skin with all natural botanical ingredients . The Body Lotion has soothing fragrance which lasts for hours . The Body Lotion is so hydrating and keep the the dryness at bay .  My niece loves the cute packaging over the body lotion , Body lotion is her favorite  . 

Price : Rs 280 for 190 ml .

The Good :

  • 100% organically - pure .
  • Preservative free.
  • Cruelety Free.
  • Product are mild on Kids skin.
  • Doesn't have any side effects .
  • Pocket friendly price .

Checkout their website Here 

Biotique have  wide range of kids products that are mild and safe for your kids . The products are preservative free and 100 % natural so you don't have to worry for the product  authentication . And the kids range comes in lovely Disney themed  packaging which kids will surely adore . You can also buy Biotique Products from , e-bay , Firstcry , Nykaa etc . So , buy the Biotique Kids range for your kids and give them indulgence of  cruelty free and preservative free products .

Hope you enjoy the post .

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My Experience with Nidsun Weight Loss : How i reduced my belly with non-surgical, non abrasive procedure

My Experience with Nidsun Weight Loss

Hello friends , I already shared few pictures on my Instagram that i started my weight loss journey  with Nidsun , Delhi . Today , I share my experience with the weight loss procedure - Ultrasound . So , before moving to the Ulltrasound Fat Blasting procedure  , let me introduce you all about Nidsun . 

About Nidsun :

Nidsun weight-Loss  has been in the Weight Loss business since the year 2005 and have gifted new lives to thousands people over this time .

The vision of Nidsun is to bring world class health facilities to the common man at the best price aiming at their long term health and fitness goals.

Nidsun was one of the first clinics in India to introduce Cryolipolysis ( Fat Freezing Procedure ) and Ultrasound Fat Blasting the kind of best weight loss in anywhere in North India . Nidsun weight Loss is a pioneer in these treatments and have successfully treated thousands clients seeking body shaping in Delhi , Chandigarh  and rest of North India . Thousands of people get benefited from the packages and continue to maintain till date. Nidsun Weight Loss came as combined effort from the energetic sibling duo of Dr. Sunny Bawa and Nidhi Mohan Kamal in 2007 . The name derived from the initials of both siblings Nid ( from Nidhi Mohan Kamal) , Sun ( from Dr. Sunny Bawa ) = Nid + Sun = Nidsun

The Nidsun Team has now grown bigger & includes an energetic team of Doctors, Dietitians , Nutrition Experts , Physiologists , Counselors , Trainers , Top notch hospitality  staff and therapists. 

Nidsun Weight Loss aims to provide serve and help people come out of Lifestyle related ailments related to obesity or over weight . Nidsun Weight Loss staff is passionate about results, ambitious and impatient for success. 

Checkout their website Here .

(Reception Area )

My Experince with Nidsun :

I have taken the 4 sessions of Ultrasound Fat Burning procedure . The ambiance there in Nidsun is quite amiable . The staff is so courteous and friendly , they takecare every need of there patients .The doctor there counselled me and told about the fat cells , fitness and procedure and then had been counselled by the dietician , she gave me the right diet plan to follow . Suggests me Do's and don't do's about the diet . The treatment room and machines are hygienically well .

( With the Doctor )

  • Ultrasound Fat Burning Treatment :

The procedure starts with circumference measurement of the target body ( Mine is abdomen ), then a gel is applied to the specific area and then after applies the Ultrasonic device directly to the specific area of the skin . Continues with the circular movement of the applicator over the treatment area . The heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers to immediately tighten the skin . The duration of treatment session normally takes around 20 to 40 minutes each depending upon the size of the area and thickness of the fat layers . Results can be notice after the first session , and more improvement noticed within few days . 4 or more sessions at One week or minimum 3 days interval is recommended in order to achieve an ideal result , but further treatments may be needed to attain your desired figure .

(During the procedure)

  • How Does i feel during the Ultrasound fat Bursting Session :

The treatment is painless and comfortable . Some people may feel slight discomfort due to the specific noise spreading inside the body ., but causes no harm and disappears as soon as the applicator is moved away  . I also feel warmth during the session .

  • what can be treated with the Ultrasound fat bursting :

1 - Fat and Cellulite reduction .

2 - Skin tightening and fat melting (when combined with radio frequency ).

3 - Body Sculpting .


  • Who can have Ultrasound treatments :

People who are healthy are safe to have treatment .

People with cardiac and vascular diseases , diabetes , acute illness , comprised liver function , severe bleeding tendencies , pacemaker carriers and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid undergoing the procedure .

  • Is Ultrasound Procedure painful ?

Ultrasound Fat bursting procedure is painless . Mild redness may appear occasionally but subside within few minutes . The procedure unlikely to give any pain  .The heat from the hand pieces during the treatment is perfectly tolerable .

  •  Is Ultrasound Fat Bursting Treatment safe ? Are there any side effects ?:

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment is safe , non - surgical procedure without anesthesia . Its is non - abrasive , no cutting , no scar , no downtime should be experienced after the treatment .

However , some people may experience mild redness , excessive thirst and nausea immediately after the treatment , which resolve by drinking water . They all are short terms effects that will disappear shortly .

I didn't faced any side- effect , Nidsun gives me the ORS water just before the treatment . There is a slight redness after the first session but that subsides too with 15-20 minutes.

  • What can one expect with the results :

The treatment yields immediate and long lasting results . Its a very effective procedure that requires few sittings consisting of 2- to 40 minutes session . My self experience noticeable circumference reduction after single session and with increasing result after each visit . The result may vary with the different tissue structure , treatment area , age , metabolism , medications and changes in the hormones . Proper diet and increased physical activity   will certainly improve and maintain the results .

I notice results after the first session . Here is my summary , how much i losed in each session :

My actual weight before taking the procedure 67.5 kgs .

1st session :  

Date : 31st september ,2016

Before -                                                         After -
               Weight : 67.5 kgs                                         Weight : 67. 4 kgs
               Fat % : 36.1                                                 Fat% : 35.4
               BMI : 24.1                                                    BMI : 23.8
               BMR : 1535                                                BMR : 1516

After the firat session i noticed and measured 1 inch lose in my abdomen area .

2nd Session :

Date :  15th October , 2016

After Session : 

                       Weight :  67.2 kgs
                       Fat % : 35.2
                       BMI :23.8
                       BMR :1502

3rd Session :

Date : 23rd October, 2016

After Session :

                           Weight : 65.4 Kgs
                            Fat % : 34.8
                           BMI : 23.2
                           BMR : 1469
My weight increased before the 3rd session because i didn't followed the diet and had fast food and indulged myself in fatty foods. But my belly area didn't get any fat .

4th Session :

Date : 21st november , 2016 

After Session :
                         Weight : 64.7
                          Fat % : 34.3
                          BMI : 22.9
                          BMR :1454

I am quite impressed by the results at the end of the session . My belly looking now more curvy and and i reduced a lot of my abdomen fat which i can not reduce by diet and exercise alone .

(During the session)

  • Which areas are suitable for the treatment :

Areas with localized fat such as thighs , abdomen , arms and buttocks where diet and exercise alone have not been able to get rid of the most appropriate and there is no real limitation as to the areas of body .

  • Can Ultrasound Fat Bursting lose weight :

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment is not a method to loose weight but to reshape the body . It particularly indicated for the reduction of  adiposity , like the famous "love handles" , "mummy tummy " .The treatment can be considered a deep fat blaster that reduces the stubborn fat cells that can not be removed with exercise and diet alone .

  • What is the difference between Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment and Liposuction :

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment has the similar results as Liposuction .It removes excess cellulite and  fat .The Ultrasound Fat Bursting preventing the fat cells to reoccuring to the treated area , without damaging the vascular area .

  • How is the Fat eliminated from the body ? :
The Ultrasound Fat Bursting causes an emulsification of fat , it rupture fat cell membrane , there by releasing its fat content , converting it to substance easy to eliminate through sweat glands , liver sausage circulation , lymphatic system which eventually eliminate though urine .

Checkout their website for more details Here .

Also checkout their Instagram Page Here .

Ultrasound Fat Bursting is highly advanced method of rid of your stubborn cellulite and excess fat . Its non - surgical , non- abrasive , had no side effects . Its gives immediate and long lasting result . Any one who want to lose their excess fat before a special or important day and look their best can checkout the Nidsun treatments . They have the best treatments like , Ultrasound , Radio frequency- Body , Laser -lipolysis , Cryolipolysis fat freezing and RF Facials . They counselled the patient and give them a advice which treatments suits them best .

Hope you enjoy reading it .

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My Shopping Experience with 

Hello Guys , Hope you all are well . First of all , I am very sorry for not been active these days . Today I am going to share my shopping experience with the startup of E-commerce website "Qtrove " . Its a Banglore based curated market place that exhibits and sell non mass produced items 

The layout of website is so neat and simple to use . Qtrove promotes Hand made products . They also have Reward Program . These days online shopping is so much fun . You can get hand made stuff , bath and body products, food and beverages , home decor , pet care, accessories , gifts and many more from there . They also have 199 Qtrove , its so amazing that you see all products under Rs 199 .
Overall it's a great website to shop and time to time you get many discounts there too .

I received my shopping in parcels . I received all the stuff within 3 - 4 days . The delivery is quite quick . All the stuff is nicely packed and i received all stuff in good condition . I also got call from customer care to confirm , that i received my all stuff. Overall a nice experience . Love to shop again.

My Shopping Haul from Qtrove :

Let's move to what i shopped from Qtrove .

I also shopped Coconut vinegar , which is not in the picture .

1 - Rustic Art Aloevera Gel :

I love aloevera gels . Its natural and free from all chemicals , parabens etc.

Buy from Here .

2 - Cauvery Sandal , jasmine & Lavender Soap Set :

These are natural soaps made using pure sandal , jasmine and lavender oils to keep the skin and complexion fresh and glowing all day long with an exotic fragrance .

Buy from Here .

3 - Bindu's Methi Powder Hair Conditioner :

" Methi " Fenugreek seed powder is a natural hair conditioner which helps to make hair shinier and strong .

Buy from Here .

4 - Sand For Soapholics After Glow Face Cleanser : 

Product is packed with lentils , almonds ,essential oils , makes skin supple and fresh . Make skin hydrated for long time .

Buy from Here .

5 - Martha's Preserve's Coconut Vinegar :

Its a 100 % natural and hand made vinegar , has no preservatives , no added color. I bought this for some beauty recipes . 

Buy from Here .

6 - Nature in a bottle "Joie De Caramel Sauce" : 

Its a divine accompaniment to apple crumble , cake or pudding . It has perfect sweet and salty flavor which i loved it so much .

Buy from Here .

Website Link -  Here .

Rating :


My Recommendation :

Who don't love online shopping . The website is simple and easy to use . And have great deals and has a reward program also . Do checkout .

I will come with another blog soon . Keep Reading .

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Vedic Collection - Tatha Day Cream Kesar Review

Vedic Collection - Tatha Day Cream Kesar

Hello Peeps !!! A month back I received a day cream from Vedic collection Tatha Day cream Kesar . So day I am going to review it . So lets see how it performed .

Tatha Day Cream Kesar 

About Vedic Collection :

Vedic Collection is an organic and totally committed to provide pure , natural, safe and effective products, thereby , enhancing and enriching the lives. All their products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben- free, sulphate-free and chemical-free and are not tested on animals . They , only recyclable glass bottle for storing their products to maintain purity, as plastic containers react with essential  ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses it potency .

"Tatha" is derived from the sanskrit word meaning " Blessings " , since Tatha is all about creating products using nature, it's called "Nature's Blessings " .

To know more check Vedic Collection . I am impressed how beautifully they describe the creation of their each product .

What Tatha Kesar Day Cream claims :

A unique formulation with natural ingredients , it ensures ease of application and faster absorption , which provide better nourishment to he skin . It works throughout the day, making complexion better , each time , and every time .

My take on Product :

The texture of the Day cream is soft and smooth . The cream is enriched with essential oils like macadamia oil and Almond sweet oil ,sunflower oil and Lemon myrtle oil . These essential oils make the day cream more nutritive for skin . I got this cream in october but start using it a week back because , I have a combination and acne prone skin . As the winter season knocked , my skin too became dry . I generally applied this cream after the face wash and make it pat dry . It easily absorbs in the skin with out any sticky feeling on face . That i like the most .The day cream has a very light fragrance of kesar . It keep my skin hydrated , supple and soft just after the application . I wish , it had sunscreen also .


Price and Quantity :

Rs 600 for 25 grms .

Direction to use Product :

Apply to the face and neck using fingertips .

Ingredients :

It says the cream is 100 % natural but I am doubtful about it because i see glycols and cetearyl alcohol , Carbomer , Dimethicone in it .

Shelf Life :

Best before 18 months from the date of manufacturing .

Availability :

You can Buy from their website Here .

Pros :

  • Have essential oils.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben & sulphate free.

Cons :

  • A bit costly as quantity provided .

Rating :


My Recommendation :

Its a good Day cream for winters . The day cream is enriched with essential oils which make skin soft and hydrated for long time . But oily or acne prone skin people should avoid it . You can also check Vedic collection range according their skin type . Thay have amazing range of products for every type of skin .

Hope you like the review and find it useful .

I will be back with many more .

Till then take care and have a lovely day !!!!!

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

5 Reasons to drink Lemon Water in the Morning .

5 Reasons to drink Lemon Water in the Morning 

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of drinking "Lemon Water " - that is , water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it . 

The most common thing you hear that despite being acidic , lemon juice is alkalizing or  "alkaline forming " . Acidity and its opposite , alkalinity , are measured on a scale called pH scale . 

  • The lowest pH scale is 0 .
  • The highest pH scale is 14 .
  • Pure distilled water is pH 7 , and said to be alkaline .
  • Lemon juice when pure ,has a pH of around 2.2 to 2.4 , depending upon the ripeness of lemon .
  • However , when lemon juice diluted with water , the pH level shifts to 7 .

Lemon water is considered by many to be magnificent " detox drink " and it is one of the things  that is ubiquitous when you visit the spa. Its good to stay hydrated , especially when you visit the sauna or during the typical bodywork practices such as massage etc . Lemon water is thought to assist with removal of toxins , in addition to supporting vital organs such as liver , kidneys and gall bladder . It's thought that lemon water will flush and cleanse the system - especially when taken first thing upon waking .

Note - that other citrus fruits are considered beneficial in water also . Oranges , grapefruit , lime , and other citrus fruits are also alkalizing , though not as strongly lemons .

So , without further a do , today ,I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should drink lemon water first in the morning .

1 - It balances pH scale of body . - Lemon is an acidic food , but once metabolized , it becomes alkaline .

2 - It keeps skin clear and glowing . - Hydration from drinking lemon water is great for moisturizing our skin from inside out . Lemon also contains lot of Vitamin C , which helps with wrinkles and blemishes .

3 - It kick starts the digestive system . - A big glass of  freshly squeezed lemon water is a great way to start the day . It encourages the liver to produce bile which in turn aids in digestion .It increase urination ,which helps to purify or detox the body . It also helps with heartburn and constipation .

4 - It helps with weight loss .- Lemon keeps the body in an alkaline state , that helps people to lose faster . Lemons are high in fiber pectin , which helps keep one full , longer . They also have a diuretic effect , which helps with water weight gain .

5 -  It helps control the coffee habit . - Lemon water helps to pop the old habit of drinking caffeine , tea or coffee in the morning . In fact , you should start drinking luke warm lemon water in the morning . It will detoxify your body too .

Hope you like the article . See you all again with a new blog post .

Stay tuned Beauties .

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Care Mask by Ethicare Remedies - Review

Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Care Mask by Ethicare Remedies .

Hello , Beauties , How are you all ? Today ,I am reviewing a face mask by Ethicare Remedies - Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask . I loved the face mask , it helped me a lot to get rid of my acne and post acne scars . Lets move to review ,how it helped me and what i liked in the face mask .

About the Company :

Ethicare is 12 year old and fastest growing Cosmecueticals Company in India . they exclusively focus on dermatology and cosmetology . they also export their products to Mauritius , UAE , Yemen , Nepal , Bangladesh , Syria , Iraq , Afghanistan , Lebanon , Kenya and Sri - Lanka .

About the Product :

Akmasq is a natural and innovative approach in pimple care and complexion care technology . It absorbs the excess sebum from skin and has a gentle cleansing base , which cleans skin without irritating skin Ph level . It gives remarkable glow to the skin .

My take on Product :

Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask is really an effective face mask , which helps me a lot to control the oiliness of my face and it also helps to reduce my acne and lighten my post acne scars . It has nice soothing fragrance . The texture of the face mask is creamy . It is easy to use . It is ready-made . You don't need to add any water or anything to it . The creamy face mask easily spreads on face . It cleanses the oily skin thoroughly , making it look clean and fresh .  I recommend to all the people who has oily skin or problematic skin . I used the face mask thrice a week and seen very good results .

Packaging :

It comes in a white plastic - tube packaging with a screw flip cap on top . The packaging looks quite attractive and travel friendly . I like the fact that the ingredient list and all other details are mentioned on the pack in detail .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 199 for 75 grms .

Key Ingredients :

Tea Tree Oil , Chandan , Turmeric , Pro - Vitamin B5 , and cucumber .

Shelf Life :

Best before 36 Months from the date of Manufacturing .

Availability :

Available at Amazon , medical shops and Ethicare Website - HERE .

Pros :

  • Does , what product claims .
  • Gentle on skin .
  • Does not irritate the skin .
  • Make skin clear and soft .
  • Nice and refreshing fragrance .
  • Travel friendly packaging . 

Cons :

  • A bit pricey according to the quantity given ( But totally worth it ).
  • Only key ingredient list provided not full list .

Rating :

4.9 / 5 ( 0.1 deduct because full list of ingredients not provided ,else product is fantastic )

My Verdict :

I loved the product so much . It helped me lot to clear my skin to some extent and reduced some post acne scar . It removes my tan also . Visible results will be shown just after 3 use . I used the product thrice a week . Definitely , recommend to all who have oily or problematic skin .

Do share your queries and feedback in the comment section below . I love to answer . 

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Organic Mill Body Scrub - Review

Organic Mill Body Scrub 

Hello friends , Hope you all are well . Today I am going to review a bath & body care product from the brand Organicmill . The product is Organicmill Body Scrub . Our body also get tanned when we go out doors and like face ,Body also need some pampering . Lets move to review now .

About the Product :

The Organicmill Body scrub is made up of 100% natural ingredients . It has Safe to use on children & infants also . 

My take on Product :

The Organicmill Body Scrub is in powdered form . I personally love organic , herbal  and natural product . I myself as much as possible stay away from chemical larden  products and love to use organic and natural products . Natural and Herbal products never ever make any damage to your skin. Infact Herbal or Natural products do wonders to skin and shows good results . Yes , it takes some time to show results by natural and herbal products . But its good to be patient and use product that doesn't do any harm to skin as compared to products full of chemicals . I am using this Organicmill Body Scrub from 2 weeks and my skin felt so smooth and soft after using it . Its easy to use the product . Just mix the scrub with fresh curd and apply to the body or sun effected parts i.e ; hands , feet , legs etc. I applied the Organic mill Body scrub before bath and put it as mask for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water while taking bath . It also scrub the body and make it supple and soft . Please don't use soap when you use the scrub . The body scrub is in powdered form . Have grainy texture . I love the Body scrub , it makes my skin super soft , the grainy textures removes the dead skin cells and makes my skin radiant and glowing  .Organicmill Body scrub is also safe to use on children . You can use on your child as ubtan and massage it with soft hands and then wash it off with tap water or warm water .

key Ingredients :

Chiroli , Rice Flour , Barley , Herbs .

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 400 for 100 grms.

Shelf Life :

6 Months from the date of manufacturing .

Direction to use it :

Mix well with fresh curd in ratio 2:1 . And apply on body , put it for 10 to 15 minutes .Then wash it off ,doing  massaging with soft hands with tap water or warm water .

Availability :

You can order from there face book page as well as from Instagram page .

Links -

Facebook -  Here 

Instagram - Here 

Pros :

  • Made up of 100% natural ingredients .
  • Free from all chemicals . 
  • Cruelty free . 
  • Safe to use on children also .
  • Product does ,what it claims .
  • Has no preservatives .
  • No artificial fragrance .
  • No synthetic color used .

Cons :

  • Full list of ingredients not provided on packaging . 
  • Has to kept the scrub in refrigerator ( Because has no preservatives).
  • Bit pricey according to the quantity given .

Rating :

4.5 / 5

Final Verdict :

The scrub is really nice , I loved it . It makes my skin supple and soft just after first usage . It is bit pricey but worth buying because results are awesome ,  plus 100% natural . Definitely recommend it .

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Friday, 23 September 2016

" Chandchini - Let's Drive in , From Bubbling Kadais to Wok " Restaurant Review

Chandchini Restaurant Review 

Hello Peeps !!! Hope you all are great . I recently visited a newly opened unique concept Restaurant " Chandchini - from bubbling kadais to wok " in Southpoint Mall , Golf course Road , Gurgaon . 

About Restaurant :

The Owner Piyush Dayal got inspired by the movie Chandini Chowk to China and opened a Restaurant at that unique theme . As the name of the restaurant  " Chandchini - Let's Drive in . From Bubbling Kadais to Wok " you get everything from Indian food to Chinese .  You get from Chole bhature to Chinese and Wok dishes .

The unique restaurant serves the Vegetarian as well as Non -Vegetarian Delicacies from the hustle & bustle streets of the Chandini Chowk to the alleys of China .  You have very vivid choice to make right from standing and nibbling the crunchy goal gappas to specialties from Tandoor / Bhatti & wok , the great Chinese specialities . They have the counter for ice cream which serve not only scoops but  gigantic Sundaes . They also have variety  Non - alcoholic beverages as you can enjoy from mocktails , masala chai , flavored teas and many more .

There is a separate Mithai counter where traditional Sweets are made out only from Pure desi ghee . The Mithais are satvik and  prepared fresh daily . The owner is a devotee of Sai Baba .Gangajal is sprinkled around Mithai Counters & preparataion areas daily.

Here are some pictures of the Restaurant : 


     ( Chinese theme decor ) 

 ( The interiors )

About the owner : 

Mr. Piyush Worked with Hospitality Industry for many years before embarking on a journey to launch his own venture under brand name " Surath Parmeshwari Group of Companies Hospitality (OPC) Pvt. Ltd .

Mr. Piyush Dayal has done his Hotel Management from Switzerland and thereafter started his career in Saudi Arabia . He is a Dynamic Professional, 26 years of rich multi-cultural and global experience . He was also associated with many good brand Hotels . He worked with ITC Hotel Group and honored to be the hospitality organizer for India Vs South Africa T20 Cricket Series at Dharamshala (H.P) .

My experience to dine with Chanchini :

I recently went there for lunch and enjoyed their delicacies . The staff there is so welcoming and courteous . Decor is Chinese and Indian theme based as the name Chandchini hints, justifying the restaurant name . The food is hygienic and tasty .Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian have separate kitcens . I am sharing my experience here :

Drinks :

Cranberry Cooler :  A yummy thirst quencher made with tangy and refreshing cranberry and pineapple juice is ideal for this season .

Appetizers :

Gol Gappas : The Gol gappas were crisp semolina puris filled with chole and onion with chutneys and Chatpata and Meetha Paani make riots in my mouth .  Highly Recommended to taste from their Chaat corner .

Talumein Soup : Its a clear flavor some noodle soup with veggies and with the right amount of salt in it . I loved the soup very much .

Veg. Wontons :  Mouth watering crispy wontons filled with veggies carrot ,cabbage ,beans and paneer with the Chinese sauce  . My recommendation to try the Wontons there  .

Veg. Dragon Rolls : ,Rolls filled with Chinese veggies with Chinese sauce was such a delight .

Main Course :

Butter Chicken : Butter chicken there served surely to tempt the most . The heavenly blend of spices with smooth and creamy tomato based gravy was just as i wish to satiate my craving for Chicken Cuisine .Paring it with my favorite Garlic naan .

Nihaari : The Nihaari is a perfect blend of spices and the meat is so tender . It melts in mouth . If you love Non-Veg , do try their Nihaari and Butter Chicken .

Chanchini ki Daal : Dal makhani prepared fresh with flavors oozing in every bite. A perfect blend of lentils with Indian masalas topped with malai and butter, went well with rotis. good option for Vegetarians.

Missi Roti : I love the traditional and healthy Indian flat bread Missi Roti  there , whole wheat and gram flour spiced with freshly ground masalas with oodles of butter on it .

Garlic Naan : Garlic Flavored bread cooked in a tandoor .It is one of my favorite bread served in the lunch . So soft and gooey , served with butter which make it more amazing .

Desserts :

Coming to the best part i.e dessert . I was totally impressed by the desserts .

Honey Fried Caramelized Noodles with Vanilla Ice cream :  The crispy noodles tossed with honey and caramel with Vanilla Ice cream is a perfect dessert to satiate my sweet craving . Highly recommend it .

Ras Malai : Ras malai is true to its name- soft and delicious.. same as anywhere but fresh and sweetness balanced.

Mohan vati : The layer of semolina filled with khoya and deep fried and then dipped in the chaashni , is perfect for those who have sweet tooth .

Buffet :

There is also buffet on Friday , Saturday and Sunday . You enjoy the buffet with nice music . And time to time nice performances held there .

Ratings : 

Ambiance : 4 / 5 

Food : 4 / 5

Value for Money : 4.5 / 5

Hospitality : 5 / 5

Checkout their Facebook Page - Here .

Checkout there Instagram Page - Here

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