Thursday, 25 August 2016

15 Must Know Hair Hacks & Hairstyling Tricks

15 Must know Hair Hacks & Hair styling Tricks 

Hello friends , How you doing all ? Today i came up up with " 15 Must Know Hair Hacks & Hair styling Tricks "  . Every girl want healthy , shiny and long hair . In today's hectic life , we didn't get much time to take care of our hairs . If you tired of non-stop battle with your tresses . Just checkout my hair hacks and tricks .

1 -  Frizz can kept under control simply by using some hair spray and a toothbrush . All you have to do is spritz some hairspray on a toothbrush and run it over your hair .

2 - Avoid curlers , they can damage your hair . Instead braid your tresses when they are wet just post a shower .

3 - If you are seeking volume there isn't one answer , there are two , namely , two ponytails . Gather the top section of your hair , pull it back and make a ponytail . Now gather the remaining hair and tie a low ponytail . One of the lesser known yet most effective hair style hack for hair volume 

4 - When you are blow drying your hair , use only boar bristle brush . This way all the natural oils from your scalp will be retained .

5 - If you are running short of time to shampoo your hair during the morning rush hour , just put in a nourishing shampoo , preferably the clear ones in your hairs and leave it in overnight .

6 - Instead of coloring your hair every time you have the impulse to sport colored locks , use hair extension .They may be expensive but hey , its a small price to pay for your hair safety .

7 - If you do opt for curling , always begin at the centre of your hairs . This will help retain the waves for much more time .

8 - If you find that the bobby pins you try to use are always falling , giving them a spritz of hairspray should do the trick .

9 - Don't use your blow dryer on warm air mode when styling . Instead start on cool air mode and alternate between warm and cool air . Seriously one of the best hair styling trick .

10 - The biggest cause for nasty frizz rubbing hair post a shower . Instead just pat it dry with a soft towel to eliminate any residual moisture and let it air dry .

11 - If you are looking for natural looking curls , don't curl the last half inch of  locks .

12 - If you are looking for full ponytails , all  you have to do is place a butterfly clip that's medium sized beneath the pony .

13 - It is important that you know what hairbrush you should used for what purpose . For straightening use large round ones , for curling use small round ones and for smoothing use only the paddle variety one . 

14 - The best way o prevent your hair from invading your face is to make a braid that is partial and place it behind the ear .

15 - Never just randomly spritz your hair with hairspray else you will end up with stiff , unhealthy looking hair. Instead take a bit a bit of hairspray on your hands and run then through your tresses .

Hope you like my Hair Hacks and tricks . 

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Organic Mill - Herbal Hair Oil - Review

OrganicMill Hair Oil 

Hello friends !!!! How are you all ? Today I am going to review a herbal Hair Oil by OrganicMill . Who doesn't want healthy and long hairs . For healthy and long hairs , we have to take care of our hairs . Massage them with a good hair oil at least twice a week and wash with chemical free shampoo .

OrganicMill started by Dishi Jain . She lives in Greater Noida . She is very friendly and a nature lover . Her interest in herbal and chemical free cosmetics and body care products tends her to open OrganicMill .

About the Product :

OrganicMill Hair oil is a blend of 20 herbs and has 5 carrier oils . Its made up of 100 % natural ingredients  . There is no petroleum or mineral oil added in it . Its a herbal hair oil which helps to grow hairs faster and make them shiny and stronger . It also prevents grey hairs .

My take on Product :

OrganicMill Hair Oil is a blend of 20 herbs and has 5 carrier oils - Castor oil , Olive Oil , Sesame Oil , Coconut Oil and Almond Oil . I love the fact that it has no petroleum product and mineral oil added in it . The hair oil is little brownish to red in color . The hair oil is thick in consistency . Smells herbal . I am using the hair oil twice a week .Its been 15 days , I am using the hair oil . And liking it so much . I applied hair oil in the evening and let it stay for whole night and wash it next morning with herbal shampoo . It makes my hair soft and shiny and manageable after wash . The hair oil also helps to prevent grey hairs . And makes hairs healthy and long . OrganicMill hair oil helps me lot to deal with dandruff and controls the hairloss .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 300 for 100 ml .

Key Ingredients :

It has 5 carriers oils - Castor oil , Sesame oil , Almond Oil , Coconut Oil and Olive oil . And also has blend of 20 herbs.

Directions to use :

Apply twice or thrice a week at least for good results . Apply one day before you wash the hairs . At least hair oil should be stayed at hairs 5 to 6 hours . Then wash in morning with herbal or chemical free shampoo .

Shelf Life :

6 Months from date of Manufacturing .

Availability :

Available at their face book OrganicMill  and Instagram page  OrganicMill .

Pros :

  • Made up of 100 %  ingredients .
  • Have blend of 20 Herbs .
  • Have blend of 5 carrier oils .
  • Make hair shiny and strong after use .
  • free from all chemicals .
  • Petroleum free.
  • No mineral oil added .
  • Helpful in hair growth .
  • Prevent grey hairs .

Cons :

  • Ingredients list not provided on product .
  • Packaging should be more attractive and travel friendly .
  • A little expensive as compared to quantity given .

Rating :


Final Verdict :

OrganicMill Hair Oil is very nice . It really helps me to deal with my dandruff and controls the breakage of my hairs . I love the fact that it is made up of 100 % natural ingredients . You should give a try to their products . You surely gonna love it .

Do share your your feedback and queries in the comment section below .I love to answer them .

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sugar Threads - A heaven for Candy Floss Lovers - Review

Sugar Threads - A heaven place for Candy floss Lovers

Hello Peeps !!!! How are you all ? Today , I introduce a place where you get candy floss in more than 17 flavours and 15 toppings  at Sugar Threads . Its a heaven place for people who have sweet tooth . It bring back to you the old days when we used to buy the freshly spun candy floss from outside the school . Sugar Threads bring back those childhood sweet memories . 

About Sugar Threads :

Sugar threads is a gourmet boutique , producer of matchless quality , natural and organic freshly spun cotton candy , with a dream of providing you the taste of your priceless childhood memories in a more healthy and playful style .

My take on Sugar Threads :

I love sugar Cotton candy . Sugar threads have more than 17 flavors and and topics to choose . Sugar threads bring back those childhood memories , when we used to buy freshly spun candy floss outside the school and mummy used to scolded us . Sugar threads providing the taste of our priceless childhood memories in a more healthy and playful way . You don't have to think a bit before purchasing because they take care of hygiene very well . Sugar Threads only use fine ingredients and colors . And apart from this you have a choice to choose from their wide flavors variety and toppings . They have Kiosk and shops in Delhi / NCR Malls . And also they serve to parties , events , birthday parties on prior booking . I tried four flavors from their range Pan , Mint , Strawberry and Mango . I love all of them .

Price :

Availability :

Available in Delhi / NCR Malls .
You also visit their website

Rating :


Final verdict :

Yes , off course , I recommend you all who have a sweet tooth like me . Go and try their candy floss .  They have more than 17 flavors and topping to choose . So go and satisfied your taste buds . 

Do share your feedback and queries in the comment section below .

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

15 Essential Face Care Tips That Actually Works !!!!!!!!!!

15 Essential Face Care Tips That Actually Works !!!!

Hello Peeps !!!! How are you all ? Today I come up with 15 Essential Face Care Tips that actually works !!!! Tips will help you giving glowing face . So without further a do , lets move to tips -

1- Always use the cleanser that suits your skin type . Salicylic gel works best for oily skin while a moisturizing glycolic works best for dry skin . 

2 - Skip the morning usual coffee or milk tea . Instead you go for green tea or a shot of  chlorophyll . Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and chlorophyll helps to deal with morning puffiness of face and eyes .

3 -  Your diet can make or break the skin . So take healthy diet . Add dry fruits , omega 3 rich food , seasonal fruits in your diet to make skin healthy and glowing .

4 - Moisturize your face with gentle product , once after taking the shower in morning and once before you hitting the bed at night .

5 -  Resist the urge to touch your face with your fingers every now and then .

6 - Do not use too many products on face unless you are a fan of clogged pores and breakouts .

7 - Use good SPF sunscreen daily on your face and body parts which in contact with sunlight . Use minimum 30 SPF Sunscreen , daily whether its summer , monsoon or winters .

8 - Drink at-least 8 glasses of water a day . Hydration is pivotal for facial growth .

9 - Avoid exposing your skin to direct heat , it can cause inflammation .

10 - Exfoliation is must twice a week at- least . Don't exfoliate your face daily . It damage your skin tissue . Exfoliate with gentle scrub always .

11 - In addition to consume vitamins , you can also give your skin nourishment of vitamins by using good topical creams and serums .

12 -  Wash your foundation and makeup brushes regularly . Always keep them clean to avoid any infection . 

13 - In addition to sunscreen , you should give your skin extra protection by wearing scraves , wide - bimmed hats and sunglasses .

14 -  Keep your skin regimen simple . Do CTM daily . And remove your makeup before hitting bed always .

15 - Get enough sleep every night , otherwise you could end up with dark circles and wrinkles .

Hope you like the tips . 

Do share your feedback and queries in the comment box below . I love to answer them .

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Ethicare Remedies Caladew Lotion - A soothing calamine lotion - Review

Ethicare Remedies - Caladew Lotion 

Hello peeps !!!! How you doing all ? Today i introduce you all a calamine lotion by Ethicare Remedies , Caladew Lotion . Calamine lotion with the benefits of aloe vera , cucumber extract and glycerin .

About the Product :

Caladew Lotion is pink in color . Caladew lotion gives relief in skin condition like prickly heat  , insect bite , itching , sun burn , nappy rash etc .Use 2-3 times daily for best results. Zinc oxide is used to heal skin and offers a mild sunscreen action Caladew has excellent spread ability . It offers instant cooling effect .

My take on Product :

Its a pretty well calamine lotion . I love using it . Apart from calamine , its has aloe vera , cucumber extracts , glycerin and zinc oxide . It really helps me out of curing my acne . It has zinc oxide which heals acne . And calamine and aloevra and cucumber calms and gives cooling sensation to skin . It is really helpful to cure prickly heat itchiness areas on body and insect bites also . The texture of lotion is bit runny , that the only thing i don't like . The lotion is light pink in color . The packaging is also quite impressive . In summer and monsoon , calamine lotion really helps a lot to deal with skin problems like rashes , insect bites , sunburn and prickly heat itchiness , nappy rash . It soothes the skin . The caladew lotion is very mild and safe to use on babies also.

Price and Quantity :

Rs 99 for 75 ml .

Packaging :

It comes in a cute pink tube . The packaging is quite impressive and handy . Travel friendly .

Ingredients :

Kaolin , Zinc oxide , Cucumber extract , Aloe vera , Silicon oil , Glycerin .

How to use :

Apply generously on face and body after cleaning it . Massage till it fully spreads and absorbed . It gives a matte look . Little white residue left on skin , due to the presence of calamine . But it will goes away after some time . Caladew lotion is a soothing lotion gives you a calming and cooling effect when apply on skin . Use 2-3 times daily for best results .

Availability :

Available at their website
Also available at medical shops .

Pros :

  • Cooling effect on skin .
  • Helps in insect bites , skin rashes and also helpful in curing acne .
  • Pocket friendly .
  • Travel friendly .
  • Like the fragrance .
  • Safe on skin . Even for babies.
  • Cure prickly heat itchiness .
  • Apart from calamine it has cucumber , aloe vera and glycerin . 

Cons :

  • Consistency is bit runny .

Rating :

4.5 / 5

Final Verdict :

Overall , its a very nice product . Helps to cure skin problems like acne , insect bites , prickly heat itchiness and soothes and calm the skin . You should definately try this . It really helps you to deal with your acne .

Do share your feedback and queries in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016



Hello , lovely ladies and girls . I love your support . So, I am back with a Giveaway by " THE NATURE PURE " . 2 people get chance to win a gift hamper curated by me from"The Nature Pure " . Please follow all the rules and give your best to win the giveaway .
And more giveaway coming soon on my blog , so stay tune , tag your friends and follow the rules . 

Rules :

1- Giveaway is for Indian residents only .
2- Follow " The Nature Pure " on all social media platforms .

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7 - Visit the " The Nature Pure " website and comment below and on the instagram giveaway post which is your favorite product .

8 - Answer below and on the Instagram giveaway post " Why you want to win this Rakshabandhan Giveaway by "The Nature Pure "

9 -  Follow all the rules . If you unfollow after giveaway , you will be barred from my all giveaways.

10 - Giveaway starts from today and ends on RakshaBandhan . Results will be announced 1 day laterwards.

11- Please follow all rules . Do follow both accounts on all platforms. 

Give away gifts send by The Nature Pure directly to the winners.

Giveaway gift hamper which I curated for you all :

The 2 lucky people get chance to win 3 products from " The Nature Pure " 

  • Sandal Face Pack .

A deluxe size Chandan Face Pack 100 gms .

  • 100 % Herbal and Natural Hair color Powder ( Black or Brown of your choice )-

 One small pack . 60 grms  of your choice Black or Brown .

  • Keshkalp Hair Oil.-

Keshkalp Hair 100% natural free from mineral oils and petroleum products. 50 ML .

The 2 winners will win all 3 products each . So start following rules and tag your friends and make your RakshaBandhan more special .

If you have any query regarding giveaway feel free to dm me or mail me . ( email id is in Instagram bio ) . 

All the best Peeps !!!!! 

Happy RakshaBandhan !!!!!

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UVmed Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 UVA By Ethicare Remedies - Review

UVmed Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 UVA By Ethicare Remedies

Hello Peeps , How are you all ? As we know Sunscreen is must have in all seasons . Sunscreen helps to prevent tan get from harsh sun rays . So today , I am going to review Sunscreen By Ethicare Remedies.I get summer kit from Ethicare Remedies .In kit , I got a Face-wash , Face mask , Sunscreen and Calamine lotion . I already reviewed a Face wash from Ethicare previously .  So , without further a do . Lets move to review .

About product :

UVmed Sunscreen is manufactured by Gujrat based company called ZYMO Cosmetics and marketed by Ethicare Remedies . As claimed by the manufacturer it is broad spectrum , oil free , water resistant , non - comodogenic , tinted gel sunscreen .

My take on product :

The sunscreen is quite impressive . It provides  broad spectrum protection from UV Sun rays . The brand claimed it water proof  , non greasy formula , specially developed formula , photo stable formula and has UV protection through all three actions like - Absorbtion , Scattering and Reflection . I like the sunscreen is tinted in color provides little coverage like BB Creams to your face. The texture of sunscreen is Creamy , I didn't find it gel based as it says . But sunscreen provide good protection from sun . It has 50 SPF , which is a great thing . And at price of 300 rupees something you get nice tinted , SPF 50 sunscreen . That is dermatologically tested . I have oily to combination skin . It didn't workout for me well . I prefer this sunscreen more to apply other parts of body than face .But for dry skin type people , its a great deal for you . You should definitely try . Overall , Its nice sunscreen . The oily con i find is It has Kokum , which is comodengenic .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 349 for 50 grms.

Packaging :

Packaging is quite impressive .The Sunscreen comes  in a yellow color tube packaging with flip-flop cap. And you can easily see the ingredient list on the tube . The packaging is travel friendly and handy. 

Ingredients  List :

Key Ingredients :  

Homosalate , Octyl Salicylate , octrocryline , Avobenzone, Benzophenone-3 and Tinosorb-M .
( None of these are comodogenic)

Other Ingredients :

D.m , Water , Glycerine , Ceto Steryl Alcohol , Propylene  Glycol , EGMS , Emulsiying Wax , Silicon Oil , CCTG , Bee Wax , PVP Polymer , Cetearyl Alcohol and Dicetyl Phosphate and Ceteth-10 phosphate , Kokum Butter , Pottasium Cetyl Phosphate , ZINC oXIDE , Titanium Dioxide , ETDA , Gum Binder , GMS , Poly sorbate 60 .

Have No parabens and PABA-free .

How to use :

Apply UVmed broad spectrum sunscreen gel liberally and evenly on face and all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before exposure to sun . Reapply after prolonged swimming or excessive sweating . Massage UVmed into the skin very gently , until it vanished and absorbed by the skin ( Do not rub vigorously ) . Avoid UVmed sunscreen from entering the eyes or mouth. Discontinue the use , if at all any skin irritation occurs .

Availability :

Available at Ethicare Remedies Website .
Also available on Doctors and Dermatitis prescription at medical shops. 

Pros :

  • Has 50 SPF 
  • Tinted texture , Like BB Creams . Gives nice coverage .
  • Non - comodogenic .
  • Oil free .
  • Water resistant .
  • Hydrates skin for long time .
  • Protects from harsh sun rays for long time .
  • Paraben free and PABA -free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Marketed by Renowned company Ethicare . 

Cons :

  • Little expensive as compared to other sunscreen available in market .
  • Not easily available in market .
  • Although it says its oil-free but it turns out greasy after some time .
  • It Sweats a lot  application after sometimes.
  • Not suitable for Oily skin type people.
  • Can't say its totally free from chemicals. 
  • It has Kokum , which is comodegenic .

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Overall its a good Sunscreen . It provides maximum coverage from UV ray of Sun . It has 50 SPF . Although the brand written gel on the packaging of product but its not at all gel consistency . Its  has creamy tinted texture . Beige in color .It turns oily after sometime . So more suitable for skin type. 
So dry skin people , its a awesome product for you . It protects you from sun as well as giving BB cream finish .

Do share your queries and feedback in the comments section below . I love to answer . Do tell your experience if you tried Ethicare Sunscreen . And share which sunscreen is your favorite? .

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fuschia Lip Balm -Tropical Alphonso - Review

FushiaLip Balm - Tropical Alphonso

Hello peeps !!! How are you all ? Today i am reviewing A lip balm by Fuschia By Vkare in Tropical Alphonso flavor . Cure of chapped lips is very essential . There are many lips balms available in market My opinion is to choose natural one because many a times , we gulp our lip balms sometimes. Fuschia make natural and vegan lip balms , which doesn't have any side effects . So without a further do , lets move to review .

About the Product :

Infused with 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients . Shea butter , Kokum butter blended with Vitamin E provide extra smoothness , moisture and antioxidants . Subtle and soothing fragrance of natural oils .
Formulated to rejuvenate and keep your lips supple . Free from parabens , petroleum base , artificial tints and synthetic perfumes.

My take on Product :

Fuschia Tropical Alphonso comes in cute transparent . The packaging is travel friendly. The lip balm smells heavenly .It has silky smooth texture , does not feel sticky when applied to lips.It has natural ingredients like kokam butter and Shea butter which hydrates and moisturize the lips for long time. It also has concoction of healthy oils like castor oil , sesame seed oil, oilive oil , jojoba oil , Grape seed oil which is antioxidant rich and  heals and protect lips .The quantity is enough to last long. It makes lips soft and smoother . It improves the condition of lips and stopped them from cracking . The lip balm is free totally from parabens , artificial colors , synthetic perfumes and petroleum base which is best point to use without any hesitate .

Ingredients :

Bee wax , Sun flower oil , Shea Butter , Kokam Butter , Olive oil , Castor oil , Jojoba oil ,Sesame seed oil ,Grape seed oil , Mango flavour , Natural Vitamin E .

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 225 for 8 grms.

Availability :

Available on Fuschia Vkare website here .
Also available on Myntra and Flipkart .

Pros :

  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.
  • No petroleum based used , which a plus point.
  • Have no synthetic tints and artificial perfume.
  • Made from Natural and Vegan ingredients.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Nourish and moisturize the lips.
  • Has Shea butter and Kokam Butter.
  • Smells Heavenly.
  • Can be used as transparent lipstick base for matte lipsticks.

Cons :

  • Does not tastes good .
  • Available only online.
  • Ingredients list not provided on packaging .

Rating :

4.2 /5

Final verdict :

The Lip balm is very hydrating . Although it tastes doesn't good , but smells heavenly . Made out of 100 % natural ingredients . Vegan and cruelty free. If you are fond of lip balms you should definately give a try to their lip balm range .They also have combo's at discounted rates . You can choose your variant as per your choice.

Do share your feedback in the comments section .And also do share your experience on  any other lip balms variant of Fuschia ? ?

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