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Paper Boat Chilli Guava Review

Paper Boat Chilli Guava

Hello , Lovely friends , How you doing ? A week before i got the Paper Boat new flavor "Chilli Guava . This flavor reminds me of school memories of having guava cut it in four pieces and sprinkle some chili and salt on it .

About Paper Boat :

In April 2011 , four friends -Neeraj Kakkar ,Suhas Misra , Neeraj Biyani and James Nuttakk - decide to start Hector Beverages as a start up in Gurgaon . Paper Boat started with two variants in August 2013 : "aam panna" and "jal jeera" ,these were followed by aamras , kalakhatta , kokum , golgappe ka paani and imli. Another five variants will occupy the shelves early next year . Kakkar and his team have mapped the traditional beverages of all states and plan to roll out a more variants after firmly establishing at least 25.

My take on the product :

The drink tastes exactly like guava sprinkle some chilli on it .I love the tang and spice in the drink . It was so delicious and refreshing. Instead of having cola or fizz drinks its a great option for the people who don't like aerated drinks .The drink comes in nice tetra pack with screw lid on top that is easy to carry anywhere. Paper Boat drinks have no added colors no preservatives . Gluten free and No GMO's**.
I love Paper Boat drinks not just because of their drinks but also the concept behind it.. Paper Boat - drinks and memories.

Packaging :

It comes in white and green tetra packaging. The packaging is attractive and colorful.

Price and Quantity :

Paper Boat Chilli Guava is priced at Rs 30 for 250 ml .


Water ,Guava pulp , sugar Iodized salt , spices and condiments ( Amchur powder ,Lal mirchi powder ,Black pepper powder ) Lemon juice concentrate, Stabilizer, Acidity regulator and Antioxidant.Contains added natural and nature identical flavors. 

Shelf Life:

 Best before Four months of manufacturing. 

Availability :

Paper Boat drinks are easily available in all super markets , local shops and you can even order them online and receive them on your doorstep.

What I like about the Product :

  • Affordable price.
  • Travel friendly.
  • No GMOs.
  • Gluten free.
  • No added sugar .
  • Easy availability . 
  • Attractive packaging .
  • Nutritional  Benefits.

If you tried out this flavor do let me know your experience in the comment section below.

Love -

xoxo ..

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Anita Singh said...

Abhi tak ye flavour taste nahi kiya hai, per aam ras jaisa kuch try kiya hai, ye brand naam se hi attract karta hai, quality to superb hai hi, jaldi hi isko online order karti hu....nice n honest review Aditi .👍👍👍👍👍 Love n blessings