Saturday, 30 July 2016

Eyova Hair Nutrient With Egg Oil Review

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil 

Hello , everyone !!!! How are you all ? Today I am reviewing  a wonderful hair product which is Eyova Egg oil , which is different from other normal hair oils and vitalizers .Who doesn't want long and healthy tresses . How it is different from other oil ,so lets do reviewing and let you know about it .

About the  Product  :

Eyova is multi nutritive hair oil . Especially beneficial to chemically treated hairs , dry scalp and hair aging . This oil is derived from the yolk of chicken eggs and contains bio- actives that heal and strengthening the hairs naturally . Meant to sustain new life , egg contain nutrients like Long chain Polyunsaturated essential fatty Acids ( LC-PUFA) , Cholesterol , Antioxidants , Xanthophylls including Lutein & Zeaxanthin and Immunoglobullins ; these work together to enhance the health of the hairs . Eyova claims to be world's No. 1 egg nutrient oil .

My take on Product

It really helps in hair growth . Its is more like a nutrient supplement to the hairs . It is in bright yellow color similar to egg yolk and consistency is like other normal hair oils  plus having some thick substance in it , due to the lipids in the egg yolk present in it . It has mild smell of eggs . The smell isn't much annoying as the real pungent egg mask smells . Once you rince the hair with shampoo the smell goes off . Its been 3 weeks , I am using this hair oil . I used twice a week . It really helps me in soothing the scalp and relieves itching and got rid of dandruff too .It hydrates my hair make it shiny and soft .It makes hair strong , so hairs wouldn't break easily .  You can use it solely or you also mix with any other carrier oil . Later on after 3 uses , I some times mix it with  coconut oil . Eyova claims of reducing greying hairs too.  This hair oil helps to skip the mess and smell of hair egg mask and easy to use .

Ingredients :

Oleova ( Egg oil ), Canola Oil , Fragrance 

Price and Quantity :

Rs 590 for 50 ml .

Packaging :

The product comes in transparent plastic bottle with black  flip flop cap .The packaging is simple and portable.

Directions for use :

Massage Eyova on the scalp and ensure its spreads evenly .Leave it for minimum 3 hours , preferably overnight . Wash it off with shampoo . Use twice a week . For best results use on regular basis .

Shelf Life :

3 years from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

You can buy this hair oil from their website .
It is also available at ,Purplle , Nykaa and Flipkart .

Pros :

  • Easy to use .
  • Contain Egg nutirents.
  • Helps in hair growth.
  • Helps in reducing grey hairs. 
  • Make hairs soft and shiny.
  • Prevents premature hairloss. 
  • Reduces dandruff and improves scalp condition. 

Cons :

  • It is slightly expensive .

Rating :


Final verdict :

The hair oil is amazing .It works and gives awesome results . It is convenient to use and less tedious . Have benefits of Egg nutrient , hassle free to use without being messy as compared to use eggs on hairs. You should definitely try this hair oil .It helps to reverse greying hair and make your hair healthy and long .

Do share your queries and feedback in comments section below . I love to answer it .

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Review of Yoga Pulp -Different drink - Fruit juice with Goodness Aloe vera .

Yoga Pulp Different Drink - Fruit juice with Goodness of Aloe vera

Hello all , How are you ? As you know health is very important, we can not ignore it . And we can not control what goes outside , but we can control always what goes on inside .Today , I will introduce you a fruit juice with goodness of Aloe vera .

Mumbai based KG - Functional Beverages , which makes the Restless by Action brand of energy drinks , has recently entered the fruit juice category under the brand Yoga Pulp .

About the product : 

Restless Yoga Pulp is ready to serve drink .Yoga Pulp drink  gives you experience the power of Aloe with fruit juice that is both incredibly potent and soothing to our body . It has pulpy goodness with the benefits of Aloe with the fruit punch . Nutritional value also per 100 ml also shown on the pack.Yoga Pulp has seven variants Strawberry ,  Lemon , Kharbooja ,  Litchi , Mango , Guava and 7 fruit .

Benefits of Aloe vera :

  • Detoxifying .
  • Supports the immune system .
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar .
  • Excellent for digestion .
  • An easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral take . 
  • helps in hair growth.
  • Good for burns , acne and skin. 

My take on product :

I love the pulpy goodness of Yoga Pulp , it has Aloe vera juice with pulp and fruit juice with its pulp . Its a very You didn't feel like you drinking Aloe vera juice . Yoga Pulp make the Aloe vera juice very tasty with the fruit punch in it . You definitely gonna like it over the aerated drinks available in market . Yoga Pulp is healthier and nutritional .Its a very healthy option for fitness freaks . I love taking it along with my breakfast and best for evening hunger . It tastes best when serve chilled .The price of drink is also very reasonable .Although , all flavors are tasty . My favorites ones are Litchi , Guava, Mango and 7 fruit .

Ingredients : 

Aloe vera juice and pulp , fruit juice and pulp , Water , Natural identical  flavoring substances , Acidity regulator , stabilizer, Class II Preservative .

Packaging :

The packaging is so handy and travel friendly . It comes in nice transparent plastic bottle .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 35 for 300 ml .

Shelf Life :

Best before 9 months from manufacturing .

Availability :

Its is available in local grocery shops in NCR and Mumbai . Slowly steady it will also available in other states.
You can also Checkout their Facebook Yoga Pulp  and Instagram Restless/Yoga Pulp and place your order from their also.

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Yoga Pulp is different drink with the benefit of Aloe vera in fruit juice . My favorites 7 fruit , Guava , Mango and Litchi one . Its a way healthier and nutritional than aerated drinks available  in market . Price is also very reasonable .You should give a try . You gonna love it .

Do share your queries and feed back in the comment section below .I love to answer. 
Stay Fab !!!!!!

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Aroma Essentials Lip scrub Review

Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub 

Hello , how are you all ? Today I am reviewing Lip scrub by Aroma essentials . Scrubbing lips is very essential , As the time passes by the color of our lips becomes darker because of various reasons like sun exposure , hormonal imbalance , allergies , caffeine intake etc . So it is very much important to take care of your lips by exfoliating dark cells that forms a layer on the lips .

About the Product :

Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub is made of 100 % natural ingredients . It gently exfoliates the lips and make them smooth , plumper and pink.

About the Company :

Aroma Essentials was started by Mrs Madhurima almost 12 years back. Armed with a degree / diploma in Cosmetology and Aesthetics , she set out to make homemade cosmetics to treat her acne condition. The positive results led her to start researching about solutions for skin and hair conditions for the womenfolk at large. She started as an individual's passion is now slowly being transformed into a beauty revolution, using their natural and handmade products. Aroma Essentials USP is "individualized and customized " products. They believe in providing complete solutions to their clients through individual consultation and customizing products based on individual requirements.

My Take on product :

 It has a cooling effect on lips when applying on  lips . The ingredients used in this lip scrub  nourishes as well as removes the dead skin layer from the lip .It makes the lips soft , smoother and plumper. I like the minty fragrance of the lip scrub . The ingredients are rich in antioxidants , vitamins and have moisturizing properties. I used it twice in a week , Its applied a layer on lips and stay it for 5 minutes and after that exfoliates gently with fingers . Pat dry with towel and applied lip balm afterwards. It really soften my lips and lips look smoother and more pink .

Ingredients :

Wheatgrass , Monirga , tulsi powder , raw honey , shea butter , Mint ,walnut and almond shell powder .

Key features of the ingredients used :

Wheatgrass : Has antioxidants, rich in vitamins A , C and E and is used to cure chapped lips.

Monirga : Smoothes and soothes dry chapped lips , it helps to maintain moisture and softness of lips.

Mint : Cooling and calming effect on lips . Helps to cure chapped lips.

Tulsi powder : Rich in Antioxidant .

Raw honey : make lips supple and moisturized .

Shea butter : Rich in vitamin A ,maintain the suppleness and moisture in lips .

Walnut and almond shell powder : Gently scrubs the lips.

Packaging :

It comes in tiny plastic white tub that is travel friendly.

Price and Quantity :

Rs 200 for 15 grms.

Direction of use

Apply a layer on lips with the help of fingers stay it for about 5 minutes. After that , scrub gently with fingers and wash with tap water and pat dry . Apply lip balm afterwards . Use twice or thrice in week for good results. 

Shelf Life :

6 months from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

You can directly Whatsapp them for orders at 7760988272 .
You can also order from their Instagram AromaEssentials and Facebook page AromaEssentials .

Pros :

  • Comes in Travel friendly tub .
  • Cruelty free. 
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Contains only natural ingredients.
  • Dermatologically tested .
  • Fine granules gently exfoliates.
  • Effective.

Cons :

  • To be kept in refrigerator.
  • Ingredient list not provided on product. 

Rating :


Final Verdict :

To take care of your lips its a wonderful product effective and made from natural ingredients make it more special . You should give a try to this lip scrub you gonna love it .

Do share your feedback in the comment section below .

Stay beautiful.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Neesh Pick pack Pocket Perfume Review

Neesh Pik Pack Pocket Perfume Review

Hello lovelies , How you doing ? Today I am going to introduce you all to a premium range of perfumes from the brand Neesh . Neesh is the one of the flourishing brands in the world when it comes to discover some unique and magical fragrances .
I am reviewing two variants of Neesh perfumes "Zaafran E Hindustan " and "Rose E Mohabatt" .

  Its very well said that "You are never fully dressed without a Perfume "

About the product :

Neesh has wide range of fragrance products. Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients. They believe fragrance is life enhancing and their solitary focus is on creating special and incomparable fragrances in exceptional products. Neesh perfumes are available in three scents ranges - Strong , Medium and light. There are 12 total variants launched yet . 6 for men and 6 for women.

Women - Zaafran-E-Hindustan / Sultana / Rose-E-Mohabbat  / Oud-E-Venice / Belle-D-oud / Armour-De-Oud

Men - Oud-E-Khaas / Moha-beau-t  / Eau-De-Mehfil / Attar-E-Neesh / Attar-E-Nazakat / Attar-E-Ishq

My take on the product :

The quality and richness of any smell is estimated by its ingredients and their blended portion.The rich smell of Neesh perfume makes them unique catering to the Best Quality Indian Fragrances .
They really have long lasting smells which last long 8 to 9 hours even in humid weather conditions.Love the portable packaging of perfume . Easy to carry anywhere. It simply fits into purse and pocket. The fragrance uplift the mood .

Zaafran E Hindustan

This has little strong fragrance that caught my senses because of the unique and organic fragrances .
Essentials ingredients like musk , dark rose , pink rose and Iran saffron has really made this fragrance truly fascinating . You can wear it to any celebration and make it memorable .


It is one of the enticing fragrance from the range with luxurious components like honey- suckle , rose and lavender.This perfume will up lift your mood. The fragrance has freshness of roses.

Packaging :

Neesh perfume comes in gorgeous pik pack packaging that you can carry anywhere and elsewhere.

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 340 for 20 ml. 

Shelf Life :

3 years from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

Available in majority of online stores as well as in offline stores .You can buy Neesh Perfumes from their official website
Available at Amazon , Ebay , Snapdeal and flipkart too .

Pros :

  • Perfume contains high quality fragrance.
  • Perfume last up to 12 hours.
  • Each spray cost less than 1 rupee.
  • Neesh perfume pikpacks fits in every pocket .
  • Best for gifting option.

Cons :

  • I didn't find any .

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Although perfume is bit expensive but has high quality fragrance that too natural and each spray cost less than a rupee and effuses 400 sprays per pack . So its worth product to try. 

Do share your feedback in comment section below . If you tried any of the variant of  Neesh share your experience.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Review on online shopping Portal to buy cool and quirky stuff. Review 

Hello , lovelies , how you doing ? Today I am reviewing a online shopping portal website Roughapple . Well , shopping online is fun which allows you to save your time and money too . So without further much a do lets move to review .

Rough Apple is an Indian online shopping portal where you can buy cool and quirky stuff . They offer a variety of awesome products that include cool t- shirts for men and women ,  coffee mugs , quirky posters , Note books , laptop skin and mouse pads.They provide COD all over India .

About the company :

Rough Apple is an online shopping portal where you can buy cool and quirky stuff . Rough Apple is a brand name of a small dedicated team aimed at delivering high quality apparel at economic rates to the youthful , trending group . Rough apple is product of two like -minded people  Aman Mamodia , Abhijeet Modi and Harshit Kochar who bear the same feelings. they deliver best quality services to the youth segment at affordable prices.

My experience with product :

I opt my favorite Pizza Pizza T shirt . The quality of fabric so good . They have amazing stuff at very affordable prices. They made products according to the youth and take care of the prices that too affordable. Their shipping service is so good . The product will dispatch the same day as you order. They offer products ranges from Rs. 199 to Rs 399 keeping youth in mind . So you will easily get cool and quirky stuff  without burning a hole in your pocket .

How i styled it check it out .

Products they cater :

They offer variety of  awesome products that include quirky posters , Laptop skins , Notebooks , Mouse pads , Coffee mugs , cool T-Shirts for men and women . Rough Apple  never compromises with quality of the product and that too on  very economical rates. They offer products ranges from Rs 199 to Rs 499 , Isn't it cool !!!!

No customs or Duty fees :

There is no custom or duty fees applied . The total billed at checkout is the final amount you pay , inclusive of VAT , with no additional charges at delivery .

Free shipping on all orders :

You will get free shipping on all orders . No minimum cart value is required.Items dispatched form warehouse and will reach by 6 to 8 business days . They also offer COD . COD free on minimum cart value of Rs 500.

Amazing customer service :

They provide amazing customer service by getting in touch with their customer care executives who always answer all the queries.


You can checkout their website .
Also you can buy their stuff at

Rating :


Because the quality is awesome .

My Recommendations :

The quality of stuff is awesome and prices are affordable .I definitely suggest to try . So go ahead , online shopping could not get any easier .

Do share your queries and feedback in comments section below.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Review of "Urvasshi's Magic Pack" - A Magical clay face pack which cures acne , pigmentation and other skin flaws .

Urvasshi's Magic Pack 

Hello Lovelies , How are you all ? Today I am reviewing Urvasshi's Magic Pack . Face packs plays an essential role in skin care regimen . Face pack helps to remove dead skin cells from the face .  Face packs helps to restore the lost shine and glow from the face in short span of time.Clay face packs helps to cure skin problems and help out to control sebum production. 

This face pack is made by Urvasshii Kapoor .She is from Kolkata .She is Astrologer by profession .She made this 100% natural face pack after doing so much research . This Face is a unique blend of clay's and minerals like sodium , potassium ,magnesium and silica which helps to restore the lost shine and glow of skin.She made this face pack to cure all skin problems as well as this face pack works as a anti aging .

About the Product

Urvasshii Magic pack  is made with 100 % natural ingredients .Made with unique blend of clay's and alll natural minerals like sodium ,potassium ,magnesium  and silca which helps to make skin youthful and glowing and helpful in dealing skin problems. The face pack act as world's most powerful facial. It really helpful in curing acne , large pores , sun tan , pigmentation and make skin a fair and glowing. It having no side effects . It has to used with rose water , cucumber juice , milk or apple cider vinegar according to the skin type . Works wonders on skin when used religiously . You have to use the product atleast twice or thrice a week for good results.

Benefits of Minerals on Skin :

  • Sodium -  Helps in Anti- aging ,used as mild wetting agent in products for sensitive skin .

  • Potassium -  Helps to hydrate and moisturize the dry skin .

  • Magnesium -  Helps to combat with acne and works as anti aging .

  • Silica -  Helps in collagen production , improves the elasticity of skin.

My experience with product :

I have used this product for about 8 to 10 times till now and I am quite impressed by the results.I have oily to combination skin . In summers usually skin get more oily and look greasy . This face pack is made of natural clays which really helps me lot to get rid of oily skin as well as it even tone my skin. It helps to dries out my acne in just simply third time use .You have to use this face pack twice or thrice only in week . Firstly I hesitate to use it with Apple cider vinegar . So , I used it with rose water for the first time . I talked to Urvasshi , she is very nice lady, she tells me to use this face pack with apple cider . she says it works best when  use it with apple cider vinegar . Afterwards ,I used the face pack with apple cider and diluted with some water . I feel tingling sensation when i applied face mask with A.C.V .And face become little red when rinse it off but the redness goes away in 15-20 minutes. When use this face pack continuously , it cures acne , sun tan ,resurface face skin and even tone the skin and make it fair and glowing.

The face pack is used by the owner it self . She uses this face pack religiously .The results are awesome as you see :

Ingredients :

Unique blend of clay's , All natural minerals sodium , potassium , magnesium and silica.

Packaging :

The product comes in plastic tub . Spill proof packaging. Its handy easy to take along with you while travelling.

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 499 for 150 grms.
Rs. 999 for 250 grms.

Directions to use :

Take a tablespoon powder in glass bowl and make a paste by mixing it with apple cider vinegar , rose water , cucumber juice or milk according to the skin type. you can also add some oats powder to it. Apply a layer on face and rinse it off after 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards apply non- alcoholic mild toner . 

Shelf Life :

Has no specific shelf life The Face pack does not expire until the cap of product is kept close tightly . Just keep the product away from humid and damp places. 

Availability : 

You can directly contact or wattsapp to Urvasshi Kapoor at 9903724547 / 9830996290 . And you can also place your order through their facebook profile  Here . Cash on delivery is also available.

Pros :

  • Great blend of Indian clays.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • No side effects.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Helpful in curing even acne pits when used continuously. 
  • Great results.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons :

  • A bit pricey but works miraculously . 
  • As such no con but you have to check if you allergic to apple cider vinegar .

Rating :


Final verdict :

Excellent for breakouts , large pores and oily skin . Give this face pack a try , you will not be disappointed.

Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

Love :


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Acmed Pimple Care Face wash by Ethicare Remedies Review

Acmed Pimple Care Face wash by Ethicare Remedies Review.

Hello , How are you all ? Today I am reviewing Acmed Pimple Care Face wash by Ethicare Remedies .  To wash your face with face wash is very essential at day time when starting day and night time before going to bed . It helps to remove all dirt and makeup from the skin and make face skin clear .

Ethicare Remedies is a 12 year old and fastest growing cosmecueticals company in India. They exclusively focus on dermatology and cosmetology. They also export their products in Mauritius , UAE , Yemen , Nepal , Bangladesh , Syria , Iraq , South Africa , Afghanistan , Lebanon , Kenya and Sri Lanka .

About the Product :

Its a 100 %  soap free  gentle cleanser which helps to cleanses excess sebum . Its a great face wash for oily and acne prone skin. Acmed face wash has tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties to soothes the pimple prone skin . Acmed also has a breakthrough innovation like Pimple care globules that actually penetrating skin while washing face . Has Aloevera which smoothens  the skin and vitamins to make skin healthy and glowing. 

My Experience with product :

I am using Acmed Face wash  twice a day since two weeks . I love the texture of face wash its transparent and have purple and white micro beads .The consistency of facewash is perfect .I love the refreshing fragrance. My skin is oily to combination and quite often i got acne , It helped me really a lot . The tea tree and aloevera helps to soothes my skin at the same time the vitamins make my skin healthy and glow. It lathers well and rinse off easily well .Its a mild face wash which doesn't even dries out my skin and at the same time cleanses my excess sebum and dirt from my face. Overall , its a great face wash for oily or oily to combination skin. Really helpful in controlling acne .

Packaging :

It Acmed  face wash comes in transparent tube with flip flop cap. It comes in cute purplish packaging. Packaging is travel friendly. 

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 180 for 70 gms.

Key Ingredients :

Tea tree oil, Pro Vit. , B5 , Vit. E , Aloevera .

Direction of Use :

Take a little Acmed Face wash with water on to your palm. Work up lather and gently massage on your wet face and neck with circular motion. Rinse off with clear water and pat dry your face . For best results use twice or thrice a day regularly .

Shelf Life

36 months from manufacturing date.

Availability :

Available at Amazon , Medical shops and at Ethicare Remedies site.

Pros :

  • 100%  Soap free.
  • Doesn't dry out the skin.
  • Soothes and calm the skin.
  • Travel friendly , have sturdy packaging with flip flop cap.
  • Nice and refreshing fragrance.

Cons :

  • A bit pricey according to the quantity .
  • Full list of ingredients not provided.

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Its a great cleanser for people with oily or oily to combination skin or having acne problem . Yes i would recommend this face wash , it  really helpful in controlling and curing acne . It removes dirt and grime and at the same time doesn't dries out the skin. You should give a try to this face wash . surely you will love it.

Do share your feedback in comments section below. 

Love :



Friday, 8 July 2016

Quick Review of products which i have Emptied.

A Quick Review of Products I have Emptied.

Hello , Lovely ladies , How you doing . Today I am doing a quick review of the products which i recently finished recently in 3-4 months. Will tell you did they work for me or not . Will i purchase them again or not .

Ponds Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion :  

Me and my family using this moisturizing lotion form long time . It is nice moisturizer to keep you hydrated with triple vitamin B ,C and E . Love the floral aroma (sensitive noses may not appreciate the smell ) .Yes i will buy this moisturizer again.

Nature's essence Neem and Aloevera Face wash :

I get this face wash free with Facial kit .All though I love Neem and Aloevera because of its numeral benefits. But there is nothing special about this face wash . It simply cleanses skin . I didn't found it very effective . No for me.

Ayur Herbals Sandal Mask :

I love using face mask . Its an excellent face pack for normal and dry skin . It helps in curing any inflammations. It conditions undernourished skin. It has an excellent cooling effect. Yes it works for me. 

Patanjali Honey - Orange Face wash :

This Face wash is really nice . Inexpensive. Make skin radiant and glowing. People with dry skin can avoid it. Even though i like it but i opt to try some other face wash also. Right now i am using ethicare face wash.

Glenmark , Elovera IMF intense moisturizing formula cream :

I am using this cream from 3- 4 months . It has Hyaluronic acid . Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1,000 times it's weight in water, binding moisture to even the driest skin without greasy residue. Hyaluronic acid creates an ideal environment for generation of new skin cells , and plays an important role in tissue hydration , lubrication and cellular function . Yes i will repurchase this .

Dabur Gulab jal

I was using this Gulab jal from  but now i stopped using it because it contains parabens.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo :

It has decent and clean smell .But as it claims bounce and volume , I didn't find it effective. I will opt some natural ans SLEs free shampoo.

Biotique Bio Berberry cleansing Lotion :

Refreshing , non foaming cleansing lotion gently dissolves makeup and grime . Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth . It is most appropriate for winters. Can't suggest if you have oily skin.

Clean & clear Morning energizing Face wash :

Very refreshing cleanser  Make skin super clean and soft .I love it.would definitely buy it.

Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner :

Its a great skin toner . Very mild. Helps to maintain Ph level of skin . I am using this toner from long time . Love it .

That's all for now . Would come with another article . Till then take care lovelies.

Love :



Saturday, 2 July 2016

Paper Boat Chilli Guava Review

Paper Boat Chilli Guava

Hello , Lovely friends , How you doing ? A week before i got the Paper Boat new flavor "Chilli Guava . This flavor reminds me of school memories of having guava cut it in four pieces and sprinkle some chili and salt on it .

About Paper Boat :

In April 2011 , four friends -Neeraj Kakkar ,Suhas Misra , Neeraj Biyani and James Nuttakk - decide to start Hector Beverages as a start up in Gurgaon . Paper Boat started with two variants in August 2013 : "aam panna" and "jal jeera" ,these were followed by aamras , kalakhatta , kokum , golgappe ka paani and imli. Another five variants will occupy the shelves early next year . Kakkar and his team have mapped the traditional beverages of all states and plan to roll out a more variants after firmly establishing at least 25.

My take on the product :

The drink tastes exactly like guava sprinkle some chilli on it .I love the tang and spice in the drink . It was so delicious and refreshing. Instead of having cola or fizz drinks its a great option for the people who don't like aerated drinks .The drink comes in nice tetra pack with screw lid on top that is easy to carry anywhere. Paper Boat drinks have no added colors no preservatives . Gluten free and No GMO's**.
I love Paper Boat drinks not just because of their drinks but also the concept behind it.. Paper Boat - drinks and memories.

Packaging :

It comes in white and green tetra packaging. The packaging is attractive and colorful.

Price and Quantity :

Paper Boat Chilli Guava is priced at Rs 30 for 250 ml .


Water ,Guava pulp , sugar Iodized salt , spices and condiments ( Amchur powder ,Lal mirchi powder ,Black pepper powder ) Lemon juice concentrate, Stabilizer, Acidity regulator and Antioxidant.Contains added natural and nature identical flavors. 

Shelf Life:

 Best before Four months of manufacturing. 

Availability :

Paper Boat drinks are easily available in all super markets , local shops and you can even order them online and receive them on your doorstep.

What I like about the Product :

  • Affordable price.
  • Travel friendly.
  • No GMOs.
  • Gluten free.
  • No added sugar .
  • Easy availability . 
  • Attractive packaging .
  • Nutritional  Benefits.

If you tried out this flavor do let me know your experience in the comment section below.

Love -

xoxo ..