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Neesh Pick pack Pocket Perfume Review

Neesh Pik Pack Pocket Perfume Review

Hello lovelies , How you doing ? Today I am going to introduce you all to a premium range of perfumes from the brand Neesh . Neesh is the one of the flourishing brands in the world when it comes to discover some unique and magical fragrances .
I am reviewing two variants of Neesh perfumes "Zaafran E Hindustan " and "Rose E Mohabatt" .

  Its very well said that "You are never fully dressed without a Perfume "

About the product :

Neesh has wide range of fragrance products. Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients. They believe fragrance is life enhancing and their solitary focus is on creating special and incomparable fragrances in exceptional products. Neesh perfumes are available in three scents ranges - Strong , Medium and light. There are 12 total variants launched yet . 6 for men and 6 for women.

Women - Zaafran-E-Hindustan / Sultana / Rose-E-Mohabbat  / Oud-E-Venice / Belle-D-oud / Armour-De-Oud

Men - Oud-E-Khaas / Moha-beau-t  / Eau-De-Mehfil / Attar-E-Neesh / Attar-E-Nazakat / Attar-E-Ishq

My take on the product :

The quality and richness of any smell is estimated by its ingredients and their blended portion.The rich smell of Neesh perfume makes them unique catering to the Best Quality Indian Fragrances .
They really have long lasting smells which last long 8 to 9 hours even in humid weather conditions.Love the portable packaging of perfume . Easy to carry anywhere. It simply fits into purse and pocket. The fragrance uplift the mood .

Zaafran E Hindustan

This has little strong fragrance that caught my senses because of the unique and organic fragrances .
Essentials ingredients like musk , dark rose , pink rose and Iran saffron has really made this fragrance truly fascinating . You can wear it to any celebration and make it memorable .


It is one of the enticing fragrance from the range with luxurious components like honey- suckle , rose and lavender.This perfume will up lift your mood. The fragrance has freshness of roses.

Packaging :

Neesh perfume comes in gorgeous pik pack packaging that you can carry anywhere and elsewhere.

Price and Quantity :

Rs. 340 for 20 ml. 

Shelf Life :

3 years from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

Available in majority of online stores as well as in offline stores .You can buy Neesh Perfumes from their official website
Available at Amazon , Ebay , Snapdeal and flipkart too .

Pros :

  • Perfume contains high quality fragrance.
  • Perfume last up to 12 hours.
  • Each spray cost less than 1 rupee.
  • Neesh perfume pikpacks fits in every pocket .
  • Best for gifting option.

Cons :

  • I didn't find any .

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Although perfume is bit expensive but has high quality fragrance that too natural and each spray cost less than a rupee and effuses 400 sprays per pack . So its worth product to try. 

Do share your feedback in comment section below . If you tried any of the variant of  Neesh share your experience.

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I thought these perfumes are not good but your review has changed my mind
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