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Eyova Hair Nutrient With Egg Oil Review

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil 

Hello , everyone !!!! How are you all ? Today I am reviewing  a wonderful hair product which is Eyova Egg oil , which is different from other normal hair oils and vitalizers .Who doesn't want long and healthy tresses . How it is different from other oil ,so lets do reviewing and let you know about it .

About the  Product  :

Eyova is multi nutritive hair oil . Especially beneficial to chemically treated hairs , dry scalp and hair aging . This oil is derived from the yolk of chicken eggs and contains bio- actives that heal and strengthening the hairs naturally . Meant to sustain new life , egg contain nutrients like Long chain Polyunsaturated essential fatty Acids ( LC-PUFA) , Cholesterol , Antioxidants , Xanthophylls including Lutein & Zeaxanthin and Immunoglobullins ; these work together to enhance the health of the hairs . Eyova claims to be world's No. 1 egg nutrient oil .

My take on Product

It really helps in hair growth . Its is more like a nutrient supplement to the hairs . It is in bright yellow color similar to egg yolk and consistency is like other normal hair oils  plus having some thick substance in it , due to the lipids in the egg yolk present in it . It has mild smell of eggs . The smell isn't much annoying as the real pungent egg mask smells . Once you rince the hair with shampoo the smell goes off . Its been 3 weeks , I am using this hair oil . I used twice a week . It really helps me in soothing the scalp and relieves itching and got rid of dandruff too .It hydrates my hair make it shiny and soft .It makes hair strong , so hairs wouldn't break easily .  You can use it solely or you also mix with any other carrier oil . Later on after 3 uses , I some times mix it with  coconut oil . Eyova claims of reducing greying hairs too.  This hair oil helps to skip the mess and smell of hair egg mask and easy to use .

Ingredients :

Oleova ( Egg oil ), Canola Oil , Fragrance 

Price and Quantity :

Rs 590 for 50 ml .

Packaging :

The product comes in transparent plastic bottle with black  flip flop cap .The packaging is simple and portable.

Directions for use :

Massage Eyova on the scalp and ensure its spreads evenly .Leave it for minimum 3 hours , preferably overnight . Wash it off with shampoo . Use twice a week . For best results use on regular basis .

Shelf Life :

3 years from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

You can buy this hair oil from their website .
It is also available at ,Purplle , Nykaa and Flipkart .

Pros :

  • Easy to use .
  • Contain Egg nutirents.
  • Helps in hair growth.
  • Helps in reducing grey hairs. 
  • Make hairs soft and shiny.
  • Prevents premature hairloss. 
  • Reduces dandruff and improves scalp condition. 

Cons :

  • It is slightly expensive .

Rating :


Final verdict :

The hair oil is amazing .It works and gives awesome results . It is convenient to use and less tedious . Have benefits of Egg nutrient , hassle free to use without being messy as compared to use eggs on hairs. You should definitely try this hair oil .It helps to reverse greying hair and make your hair healthy and long .

Do share your queries and feedback in comments section below . I love to answer it .

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I think this brand has shampoo too which is free from scalp damanging ingredients
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