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Aroma Essentials Lip scrub Review

Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub 

Hello , how are you all ? Today I am reviewing Lip scrub by Aroma essentials . Scrubbing lips is very essential , As the time passes by the color of our lips becomes darker because of various reasons like sun exposure , hormonal imbalance , allergies , caffeine intake etc . So it is very much important to take care of your lips by exfoliating dark cells that forms a layer on the lips .

About the Product :

Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub is made of 100 % natural ingredients . It gently exfoliates the lips and make them smooth , plumper and pink.

About the Company :

Aroma Essentials was started by Mrs Madhurima almost 12 years back. Armed with a degree / diploma in Cosmetology and Aesthetics , she set out to make homemade cosmetics to treat her acne condition. The positive results led her to start researching about solutions for skin and hair conditions for the womenfolk at large. She started as an individual's passion is now slowly being transformed into a beauty revolution, using their natural and handmade products. Aroma Essentials USP is "individualized and customized " products. They believe in providing complete solutions to their clients through individual consultation and customizing products based on individual requirements.

My Take on product :

 It has a cooling effect on lips when applying on  lips . The ingredients used in this lip scrub  nourishes as well as removes the dead skin layer from the lip .It makes the lips soft , smoother and plumper. I like the minty fragrance of the lip scrub . The ingredients are rich in antioxidants , vitamins and have moisturizing properties. I used it twice in a week , Its applied a layer on lips and stay it for 5 minutes and after that exfoliates gently with fingers . Pat dry with towel and applied lip balm afterwards. It really soften my lips and lips look smoother and more pink .

Ingredients :

Wheatgrass , Monirga , tulsi powder , raw honey , shea butter , Mint ,walnut and almond shell powder .

Key features of the ingredients used :

Wheatgrass : Has antioxidants, rich in vitamins A , C and E and is used to cure chapped lips.

Monirga : Smoothes and soothes dry chapped lips , it helps to maintain moisture and softness of lips.

Mint : Cooling and calming effect on lips . Helps to cure chapped lips.

Tulsi powder : Rich in Antioxidant .

Raw honey : make lips supple and moisturized .

Shea butter : Rich in vitamin A ,maintain the suppleness and moisture in lips .

Walnut and almond shell powder : Gently scrubs the lips.

Packaging :

It comes in tiny plastic white tub that is travel friendly.

Price and Quantity :

Rs 200 for 15 grms.

Direction of use

Apply a layer on lips with the help of fingers stay it for about 5 minutes. After that , scrub gently with fingers and wash with tap water and pat dry . Apply lip balm afterwards . Use twice or thrice in week for good results. 

Shelf Life :

6 months from date of manufacturing .

Availability :

You can directly Whatsapp them for orders at 7760988272 .
You can also order from their Instagram AromaEssentials and Facebook page AromaEssentials .

Pros :

  • Comes in Travel friendly tub .
  • Cruelty free. 
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Contains only natural ingredients.
  • Dermatologically tested .
  • Fine granules gently exfoliates.
  • Effective.

Cons :

  • To be kept in refrigerator.
  • Ingredient list not provided on product. 

Rating :


Final Verdict :

To take care of your lips its a wonderful product effective and made from natural ingredients make it more special . You should give a try to this lip scrub you gonna love it .

Do share your feedback in the comment section below .

Stay beautiful.

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