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Review of " Svayam Natural " - Almond and Oat Scrub : A Natural ,Handmade and Preservative free Face Scrub

Svayam Natural - Almond and Oat Scrub

Hello Friends !!! Hope you doing great . Today I am going to review a Natural , Handmade and chemical free scrub . I love using scrubs to scrape off the dead and dull skin . I have varieties of scrubs from dry powdered form to paste like texture . Some of them are my favorites and today also I am talking about one of my favorite scrub from the brand " Svayam Natural " . Lets move to  review now.

About the Brand :

Svayam Natural products are absolute amazing . All the products are Natural and Handmade . Their products are made up of Ayurvedic ingredients and all are Dadi maa's recipes . They have amazing product range to nourish and rejuvenate our selves .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 415 for 100 grams of Product .
You can find it on discount at amazon and other websites .

Ingredients :

Almond , Oats , Masoor Daal , Haldi and Mustard Seeds .

Directions to use :

You can add the teaspoonful of Scrub powder in whatever base ,according to your skin type .

For Dry skin - Add in Milk .

For Oily Skin  - Add in Curd .

For Normal Skin - Add in Rose water or cucumber juice .

Make a creamy paste and apply on face and neck . Wait for 2-3 minutes then massage your face in circular motion and wash with tap water .

Shelf Life - 

2 months from the date of of opening .
Products are made in small batches , and have no preservatives .So shelf life is less.

My take on Product :

I love using this scrub . Svayam Natural sent me 2-3 products for review purpose and this scrub is my favorite one thats why i a m reviewing it first . I used this scrub thrice in a week . It is in powdered form .You have to make paste according to your skin type . I love to add 1 teaspoonful of curd in it and then put it for 2-3 minutes on face .Afterwards ,I massage in circular motion and rinse well with tap water . This Almond and Oat scrub gives me instant freshness and glow on my face . It also helpful in removing tan .If used on regular basis. This scrub also helpful in preventing pigmention on face , although i don't have any pigmentation but this scrub helps to brighten my face . I love the fact that , Svayam Natural make the natural and clean products , which does not have any kind of preservative or artificial color . All products are made in small batches . Products are cruelty free and vegan . You should do a patch test before using the products because it has mustard seeds, so some people might allergic to it. You also have to use the product with 2 months or before because product has no preservative added . And you have to kept the product lid tightly closed after use , else with contact of oxygen your face scrub might infested . When Masoor dal , oats and mustard present in the scrub , comes in contact of humidity , you will notice the brown bugs .And these brown bugs called weevils eat up your product . :p . So guys do keep it tightly sealed . And use within best before time .

Pros :

  • Natural and chemical free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Helps to remove tan and prevent pigmentation on skin .
  • Cruelty free .
  • Helps to rejuvenate and brighten up the skin .

Cons :

  • Little pricey according to the quantity provided .But you can avail this on discount at amazon .(Its handmade and all natural , doesn't have any kind of artificial preservative that's why costs more ).
  • It is packed in glass tub , many a times in transit , the glass bottles or tub get damaged if not packed well.
  • Shelf life is very less after opening the tub . 

Availability :

You can order it from Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal , and Kraftly .
You can also contact them on their facebook page . Here .
Svayam Natural's  Website - Here 

Rating :

4.7 / 5 

My Verdict :

I love the Scrub .Its grainy in texture and scrubs the face so well . I love to buy it again when i finished this one and my other scrubs in my vanity . Guys , you should definitely give a try to their products . All the products have amazing ingredients which will definitely gonna work on your skin problems . 

Do share and comment if, you like my review .And also share which scrub are you using these days ?

Love :



Jayshree Bhagat said...

I think will really work on my oily skin

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay said...

Sounds nice. Would give a try. Thanks for sharing a new brand.

Mrinal Kiran said...

That's a great one 😍

Safi S said...

This sounds really good. But for the price it retails, I would DIY it myself. Great review :)

Joshita JJ said...

I'm obsessed with oats products. Will try this too ☺

Anjali Sengar said...

Nice review hun :)

Papri Ganguly said...

Such an amazing product, lovely review hun.

Anamika Debnath said...

I am a big fan of scrub ... And it's seems so promising ... definitely want to try this... 😊😚

Ghazala Naseem said...

Nice and detailed review , This brand is new to me but seems good :-)

nidhal sinha said...

Each and every ingredient is individually too potent in itself 😁Quite sure the scrub would be effective although I have two bones to pick.
One, the scrub seems too finely powdered through the images. If that's actually the case, it would be more appropriate as a mask than a scrub.
Two, the price is unreasonable. For just those 5-6 ingredients that it is made up of, 400+ is jaw dropping an amount. I'd be inclined to making it at home instead.
I hope the makers look into these two limitations πŸ˜ƒ