Sunday, 7 May 2017

10 Most amazing Stand - out looks and Red Carpet Trends from Met Gala 2017 #metgala2017

10  Most Amazing stand- out looks at #MetGala2017

This year's theme for both the Metropolitan Museum of Art annual Costume Institute exhibition and 2017 Met Gala was Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons Art of the In-Between ; demanded attire that was avant- garde . Rei Kawakubo is one of the most important and influential designers of the past 40 years . 

I am sharing the most stand - out looks with you guys . Hope you like it . 

1 - Rihanna :

The Bajan Bombshell Rihanna never fails to "shut-down " the Red Carpet Trend .She slayed with her out-of-box looks and was looking bombdotcom. 

2 - Cara Delivingne  :

She made the Avant - garde look so appealing .Chanel hand embroidered suit is well tailored and chic. And silver head paint gives her look edgy and complete .

3 - Dakota Jhonson :

She looks gorgeous and seductive in Gucci the black gown and wore cartier diamond jewelry to complement the gown .

4 -  Zendaya :

She wore a five-meter-wide Dolce & Gabbana alta moda dress covered in parrot look nonchalant .

5 - Julianne Moore :

She wore intensely feminine Ostrich feather dress . She carries the dress perfectly with simple and elegant clutch and matching stilettos .

6 - Tracee Ellis Ross :

She looks gorgeous in Comme De Garcons Structured Dress . The geometric silhouette ends up being interesting and suits her really well .

7 - Blake Lively :

Blake Lively the American actress wore the gold gown with blue feathers at bottom . She rocked the look. She looks so gorgeous and seductive .

8 - Aymeline Valade :

Aymeline Valade a french Model wore this gorgeous Blue Power suit with embellish stones . She looks gorgeous in this Power suit .

9 - Lily Collins :

She wore the Goth Princess gown . And carries bob cut hairstyle and black lipstick on her porcelain skin .She looks like sexy vampire Doll.

10 -  Anna Cleveland :

She looks amazing in white ruffled dress. She stand - out and wore some thing different . 

Picture courtesy : Google

Hope you guys liked it . Do also share your views on whom you find it most outstanding out of these or any one else from the list .

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Mrinal Kiran said...

I loved Blake Lively.. but as always, rihanna stands out 😜

Joshita JJ said...

Nice compilation. I liked Rihanna's choice ☺

Minakshi said...

Wonderful collection Aditi. Not sure if i could try any but your efforts are appreciated.

Jayshree Bhagat said...

Dakota's dress is my favourite

Anjali Sengar said...

I liked Anna's style :)

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay said...

Yup, Rihanna stands out as always. Like the white ruffled dress.

Soumya Rajpal said...

Nice post

Soumya Rajpal said...

Nice post. I love seeing the red carpet looks

Sabeeka Unea Lambe said...

My fav is Lily Collins... Maybe because I've just finishes watching the entire vampire diary series and love the looks :)

RainbowDiaries Singapore said...

What beautiful outfits!!! Am proud to see Priyanka and Deepika there at the gala too.

Snigdha Prusti said...

Nice post... All are looking good but I like Dakota's dress more...

anita miriam said...

Rihanna slayed it✌��

Papri Ganguly said...

Lovely post dear, like Blake's gown

beauty mommies said...

Loved Blake Lively the most on the red carpet! She looked Chic!

nidhal sinha said...

My opinion may come across as incendiary but barring Zendaya (who I don't even who is), I don't find anyone fashionable. In fact, the apparel of some of the ladies ranges from hilarious to cringeworthy for me, no offence. Fashion is subjective :)