Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Naturell's Max Protein RiteBite 7 Grain Snack : Review

Naturell's Max Protein RiteBite 7 Grain Snack 

Hello friends , How you doing all ? Hope you all are well . Naturell India Brand sent me package a long back  , but i forgot the package at the sister's house . Now i clicked all the pictures and reviewed it for you all . So , without do more delay . Lets move to review .

About the Brand :

Naturell (India ) Pvt. Ltd is a visionary healthy lifestyle company . Their vision is to provide the finest nature based products that will help consumers to adopt the healthier lifestyle . Their mission is to deliver quality , natural and healthy products to the consumers .

What i got in my Package :

I got a package from the brand which has the 7 grain chips , a bag and the card holder .

Max Protein snacks  :

I got two variants of the Max Protein snacks - the Minty chaat and Spanish Tomato .These are 7 grain guilt free snacks . It is non - fried and non- baked . Its is a great tasting , multigrain , high protein snack . It has 3x more Protein than Corn Chips .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 40 for 45 grams .

Ingredients :

The ingredients of Minty Chaat -

The ingredients of Spanish Tomato -

I love the classic steel card holder with leather flab on it to cover it . It has magnetic sheet so i don't have to worry . It has good space so all my cards are secured in this holder .

I love taking this bag to my gym . Its easy to carry and spacious too .

My take on Products :

Max Protein Ritebite is a famous brand for protein bars and baked chips. I love the flavor of the chips . Chips are crunchy and tasty . They are baked and have 7 grains that's the best part . I love going to Gym and Naturell sent me lovely bag to carry my Gym essentials . They also sent me a metallic card holder . 
I love to kept my cards in that card holder . And the chips are yummy as usual . I like the Minty chaat flavor more than the Spanish Tomato. The chips are baked so , chip are little drier .But when you put in mouth and chew it melts into the mouth and their tangy flavor explodes into your mouth . Max Protein RiteBite is the healthy choice when you have a craving to eat some chat -pata food.

Availability :

You can check out their website to order  - Here

You can also order their product from  Amazon and other websites too. 

Rating :

4.5 / 5

My Verdict :

The brand Naturell has a wide variety of healthy snacks and protein bars . So friends do checkout their website once . You definitely gonna like their stuff . I love to try their other products too. 

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Ghazala Naseem said...

Nice review , I like Rite Bite Protein bars , delicious and healthy :-)

Joshita JJ said...

I think I'll love Spanish Tomato. Will check them out!

Yogita Rane said...

The card holder seems a total plus point. Something different babes 😇😍

twinkle said...

Never heard of this. Thanks for sharing

Mrinal Kiran said...

Soo yummy! 😄

Soumya Rajpal said...

Interesting stuff. I love such healthy baked snacks and always keep looking out such stuff..

Safi S said...

These look yummy as well as healthy :)

Papri Ganguly said...

Never heard about this... Gonna try it soon. Look so yummy, my baby will love it.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay said...

Never heard of the brand. The card holder is essential for daily life. Like your detailing.

anita miriam said...

Nice review :) good to see an alternative to unhealthy snacks. Thank you for sharing.

Ragini Dhiman said...

I like the Spanish Tomato flavor a lot! Thanks for sharing:)

Snigdha Prusti said...

Yummy... I will go for Spanish tomato....

RainbowDiaries Singapore said...

Wow, baked and made of grains! I am sold to it then.

beauty mommies said...

Looks yummy!