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UVmed Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 UVA By Ethicare Remedies - Review

UVmed Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 UVA By Ethicare Remedies

Hello Peeps , How are you all ? As we know Sunscreen is must have in all seasons . Sunscreen helps to prevent tan get from harsh sun rays . So today , I am going to review Sunscreen By Ethicare Remedies.I get summer kit from Ethicare Remedies .In kit , I got a Face-wash , Face mask , Sunscreen and Calamine lotion . I already reviewed a Face wash from Ethicare previously .  So , without further a do . Lets move to review .

About product :

UVmed Sunscreen is manufactured by Gujrat based company called ZYMO Cosmetics and marketed by Ethicare Remedies . As claimed by the manufacturer it is broad spectrum , oil free , water resistant , non - comodogenic , tinted gel sunscreen .

My take on product :

The sunscreen is quite impressive . It provides  broad spectrum protection from UV Sun rays . The brand claimed it water proof  , non greasy formula , specially developed formula , photo stable formula and has UV protection through all three actions like - Absorbtion , Scattering and Reflection . I like the sunscreen is tinted in color provides little coverage like BB Creams to your face. The texture of sunscreen is Creamy , I didn't find it gel based as it says . But sunscreen provide good protection from sun . It has 50 SPF , which is a great thing . And at price of 300 rupees something you get nice tinted , SPF 50 sunscreen . That is dermatologically tested . I have oily to combination skin . It didn't workout for me well . I prefer this sunscreen more to apply other parts of body than face .But for dry skin type people , its a great deal for you . You should definitely try . Overall , Its nice sunscreen . The oily con i find is It has Kokum , which is comodengenic .

Price and Quantity :

Rs 349 for 50 grms.

Packaging :

Packaging is quite impressive .The Sunscreen comes  in a yellow color tube packaging with flip-flop cap. And you can easily see the ingredient list on the tube . The packaging is travel friendly and handy. 

Ingredients  List :

Key Ingredients :  

Homosalate , Octyl Salicylate , octrocryline , Avobenzone, Benzophenone-3 and Tinosorb-M .
( None of these are comodogenic)

Other Ingredients :

D.m , Water , Glycerine , Ceto Steryl Alcohol , Propylene  Glycol , EGMS , Emulsiying Wax , Silicon Oil , CCTG , Bee Wax , PVP Polymer , Cetearyl Alcohol and Dicetyl Phosphate and Ceteth-10 phosphate , Kokum Butter , Pottasium Cetyl Phosphate , ZINC oXIDE , Titanium Dioxide , ETDA , Gum Binder , GMS , Poly sorbate 60 .

Have No parabens and PABA-free .

How to use :

Apply UVmed broad spectrum sunscreen gel liberally and evenly on face and all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before exposure to sun . Reapply after prolonged swimming or excessive sweating . Massage UVmed into the skin very gently , until it vanished and absorbed by the skin ( Do not rub vigorously ) . Avoid UVmed sunscreen from entering the eyes or mouth. Discontinue the use , if at all any skin irritation occurs .

Availability :

Available at Ethicare Remedies Website .
Also available on Doctors and Dermatitis prescription at medical shops. 

Pros :

  • Has 50 SPF 
  • Tinted texture , Like BB Creams . Gives nice coverage .
  • Non - comodogenic .
  • Oil free .
  • Water resistant .
  • Hydrates skin for long time .
  • Protects from harsh sun rays for long time .
  • Paraben free and PABA -free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Marketed by Renowned company Ethicare . 

Cons :

  • Little expensive as compared to other sunscreen available in market .
  • Not easily available in market .
  • Although it says its oil-free but it turns out greasy after some time .
  • It Sweats a lot  application after sometimes.
  • Not suitable for Oily skin type people.
  • Can't say its totally free from chemicals. 
  • It has Kokum , which is comodegenic .

Rating :


Final Verdict :

Overall its a good Sunscreen . It provides maximum coverage from UV ray of Sun . It has 50 SPF . Although the brand written gel on the packaging of product but its not at all gel consistency . Its  has creamy tinted texture . Beige in color .It turns oily after sometime . So more suitable for skin type. 
So dry skin people , its a awesome product for you . It protects you from sun as well as giving BB cream finish .

Do share your queries and feedback in the comments section below . I love to answer . Do tell your experience if you tried Ethicare Sunscreen . And share which sunscreen is your favorite? .

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Jayanthi Parthasarathy said...

never knew Kokum was a comodegenic
thanks for the new info

Anita Singh said...

Nice review, net problem ki wajah se aajkal jyada kuch dekh sun nahi pa rahi 😏

Aarti Singh said...

Can i get it from any store ?
Insta handle-aarti12singh

Mahua Banerjee said...

Paragon & PABA Free best UV Sunscreen