Monday, 15 August 2016

Ethicare Remedies Caladew Lotion - A soothing calamine lotion - Review

Ethicare Remedies - Caladew Lotion 

Hello peeps !!!! How you doing all ? Today i introduce you all a calamine lotion by Ethicare Remedies , Caladew Lotion . Calamine lotion with the benefits of aloe vera , cucumber extract and glycerin .

About the Product :

Caladew Lotion is pink in color . Caladew lotion gives relief in skin condition like prickly heat  , insect bite , itching , sun burn , nappy rash etc .Use 2-3 times daily for best results. Zinc oxide is used to heal skin and offers a mild sunscreen action Caladew has excellent spread ability . It offers instant cooling effect .

My take on Product :

Its a pretty well calamine lotion . I love using it . Apart from calamine , its has aloe vera , cucumber extracts , glycerin and zinc oxide . It really helps me out of curing my acne . It has zinc oxide which heals acne . And calamine and aloevra and cucumber calms and gives cooling sensation to skin . It is really helpful to cure prickly heat itchiness areas on body and insect bites also . The texture of lotion is bit runny , that the only thing i don't like . The lotion is light pink in color . The packaging is also quite impressive . In summer and monsoon , calamine lotion really helps a lot to deal with skin problems like rashes , insect bites , sunburn and prickly heat itchiness , nappy rash . It soothes the skin . The caladew lotion is very mild and safe to use on babies also.

Price and Quantity :

Rs 99 for 75 ml .

Packaging :

It comes in a cute pink tube . The packaging is quite impressive and handy . Travel friendly .

Ingredients :

Kaolin , Zinc oxide , Cucumber extract , Aloe vera , Silicon oil , Glycerin .

How to use :

Apply generously on face and body after cleaning it . Massage till it fully spreads and absorbed . It gives a matte look . Little white residue left on skin , due to the presence of calamine . But it will goes away after some time . Caladew lotion is a soothing lotion gives you a calming and cooling effect when apply on skin . Use 2-3 times daily for best results .

Availability :

Available at their website
Also available at medical shops .

Pros :

  • Cooling effect on skin .
  • Helps in insect bites , skin rashes and also helpful in curing acne .
  • Pocket friendly .
  • Travel friendly .
  • Like the fragrance .
  • Safe on skin . Even for babies.
  • Cure prickly heat itchiness .
  • Apart from calamine it has cucumber , aloe vera and glycerin . 

Cons :

  • Consistency is bit runny .

Rating :

4.5 / 5

Final Verdict :

Overall , its a very nice product . Helps to cure skin problems like acne , insect bites , prickly heat itchiness and soothes and calm the skin . You should definately try this . It really helps you to deal with your acne .

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sushma vishwakarma said...

Wowww love the prickly heat always nitrates my skin..this one is best. 👍

genuine nisha said...

Love this product.. Amazing feedback.. super quality..strong.. its really work on my skin..give great results.. thanks for sharing..

Sandhya 5610 said...

It seems very useful.

Mahua Banerjee said...

I will try to use this to get rid of my skin problems.