Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sugar Threads - A heaven for Candy Floss Lovers - Review

Sugar Threads - A heaven place for Candy floss Lovers

Hello Peeps !!!! How are you all ? Today , I introduce a place where you get candy floss in more than 17 flavours and 15 toppings  at Sugar Threads . Its a heaven place for people who have sweet tooth . It bring back to you the old days when we used to buy the freshly spun candy floss from outside the school . Sugar Threads bring back those childhood sweet memories . 

About Sugar Threads :

Sugar threads is a gourmet boutique , producer of matchless quality , natural and organic freshly spun cotton candy , with a dream of providing you the taste of your priceless childhood memories in a more healthy and playful style .

My take on Sugar Threads :

I love sugar Cotton candy . Sugar threads have more than 17 flavors and and topics to choose . Sugar threads bring back those childhood memories , when we used to buy freshly spun candy floss outside the school and mummy used to scolded us . Sugar threads providing the taste of our priceless childhood memories in a more healthy and playful way . You don't have to think a bit before purchasing because they take care of hygiene very well . Sugar Threads only use fine ingredients and colors . And apart from this you have a choice to choose from their wide flavors variety and toppings . They have Kiosk and shops in Delhi / NCR Malls . And also they serve to parties , events , birthday parties on prior booking . I tried four flavors from their range Pan , Mint , Strawberry and Mango . I love all of them .

Price :

Availability :

Available in Delhi / NCR Malls .
You also visit their website

Rating :


Final verdict :

Yes , off course , I recommend you all who have a sweet tooth like me . Go and try their candy floss .  They have more than 17 flavors and topping to choose . So go and satisfied your taste buds . 

Do share your feedback and queries in the comment section below .

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sahrish fatima said...

my mouth is watering now 😍 looks delicious ..thank for your rating

instagram handle - @sahrishf_1

genuine nisha said...

So Beautiful quality.. Amazing your collection

swati nischay kashyap said...

Love this...❤️❤️😍😍

Mahua Banerjee said...

I love Candy Floss since childhood, and I will surely try the Sugar Thread Candy Floss

Shraddha Sharma said...

My favorite postπŸ’“πŸ’˜

Aarti Singh said...

Hehehe my friend got me this and was yum,childhood days were awesome
Insta handle - aarti12singh

martin james said...

I am pretty much pleased with your outstanding execute and you put really very details
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Flosse UK said...

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