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5 Reasons to drink Lemon Water in the Morning .

5 Reasons to drink Lemon Water in the Morning 

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of drinking "Lemon Water " - that is , water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it . 

The most common thing you hear that despite being acidic , lemon juice is alkalizing or  "alkaline forming " . Acidity and its opposite , alkalinity , are measured on a scale called pH scale . 

  • The lowest pH scale is 0 .
  • The highest pH scale is 14 .
  • Pure distilled water is pH 7 , and said to be alkaline .
  • Lemon juice when pure ,has a pH of around 2.2 to 2.4 , depending upon the ripeness of lemon .
  • However , when lemon juice diluted with water , the pH level shifts to 7 .

Lemon water is considered by many to be magnificent " detox drink " and it is one of the things  that is ubiquitous when you visit the spa. Its good to stay hydrated , especially when you visit the sauna or during the typical bodywork practices such as massage etc . Lemon water is thought to assist with removal of toxins , in addition to supporting vital organs such as liver , kidneys and gall bladder . It's thought that lemon water will flush and cleanse the system - especially when taken first thing upon waking .

Note - that other citrus fruits are considered beneficial in water also . Oranges , grapefruit , lime , and other citrus fruits are also alkalizing , though not as strongly lemons .

So , without further a do , today ,I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should drink lemon water first in the morning .

1 - It balances pH scale of body . - Lemon is an acidic food , but once metabolized , it becomes alkaline .

2 - It keeps skin clear and glowing . - Hydration from drinking lemon water is great for moisturizing our skin from inside out . Lemon also contains lot of Vitamin C , which helps with wrinkles and blemishes .

3 - It kick starts the digestive system . - A big glass of  freshly squeezed lemon water is a great way to start the day . It encourages the liver to produce bile which in turn aids in digestion .It increase urination ,which helps to purify or detox the body . It also helps with heartburn and constipation .

4 - It helps with weight loss .- Lemon keeps the body in an alkaline state , that helps people to lose faster . Lemons are high in fiber pectin , which helps keep one full , longer . They also have a diuretic effect , which helps with water weight gain .

5 -  It helps control the coffee habit . - Lemon water helps to pop the old habit of drinking caffeine , tea or coffee in the morning . In fact , you should start drinking luke warm lemon water in the morning . It will detoxify your body too .

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