Tuesday, 6 September 2016

10 Essential Post Workout Hair Care Tips

10 Essential " Post Workout Hair-care Tips"

Hello Peeps !!! Hope you all doing good . Today I came up with a new blog post on "Post Workout Hair Care Tips " . We all are very conscious about our health and figure . For that we joined gym , yoga classes and other fitness programs . Also some of us do exercise at home at our own . Its good to take care of our body and keep it fit . But what about hairs ? Hair care is very essential while workout  because hair got wet due to perspiration and  sweat release during exercising . And sweat do harm our hairs when it gt dry on scalp .While workouts are good for your body , but they may not be best for your hairs . Its very necessary to take care of hairs . So, without further a do , lets move to "10 Essential Post Workout Hair care Tips "

1 -  Give your hair a good wash with warm water every other day. Make you sure you don't do wash your hairs every single day.

2 - Give your hair a good application of Tea tree oil to keep bacteria and fungus at bay . But do not apply Tea tree oil by itself as it is very potent ; mix it with coconut oil and apply it instead .

3 - Use Peppermint Oil on the scalp for post workout hair care . Not only is it refreshing but it also known to induce hair growth . Mix a few drops of oil into aloe vera juice and water , before applying.

4 - The easiest way to get rid of sweat and execute hair care is to apply dry shampoo on it .

5 - Post a workout you should use a blow dryer on it for about 3 minutes to de-tangle it .

6 - It is a good idea to use a conditioner Sls free and chemical free , that offer deep nourishment as well as smoothness post shampoo usage .

7 - Invest in a hair freshener from a brand you trust so that your hair smells great . What's more , these fresheners offers conditioning too .

8 - Invest in a good de-tangling brush , if you are a gym rat . Workout tends to cause a lot of tangling .

9 - Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day in addition to the water you consume post your workout . Dehydration is the number 1 cause of Dry scalp .

10 - A good way to protect your hair from your workout is to use a hair mask before hit the gym . Use cold water to rinse it out post the workout .

Hope you like the tips .

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Senseiteve Anubhuti said...

Great tips...the hairmask tip sounds a bit weird but will try it out..

Smiledsum said...

I hate my hair after workout. I have to invest in a detangling brush asap!!

omi pathak said...

Tq so mch for this it rly helps us alot 😊