Sunday, 15 April 2018

Chocolate Vanilla Soap By The Organicmill

OrganicMill Vanilla Soap

About Brand :

OrganicMill brand is owned by Disha Jain. Brand is free from all parabens , chemicals and synthetic colors.

Price and Quantity :

Price don't know , Quantity 100 gms.

Ingredients :

Not written on packet.

My take on Product :

Vanilla Soap has divine smell. Soap is mild and lathers well. Soap cleanses the body nicely. It is made from natural and organic ingredients. I love the rose shape of the soap. Shape makes the soap more cute. The only con i find is it melts in water ,if it's put it in water for some time. All over I like the soap. Soap nourishes and moisturizes the skin as well.

Pros :

  • Smells divine , not over powering .
  • Soap lathers well.
  • Easily cleanse dirt and grime from body .
  • Doesn't dry out skin after bathing.
  • Love the shape of the Soap.

Cons :

  • Soap melts easily in water so, always put it dry in soap case.

Availability :

You can order their products from their Facebook page and Instagram .

FB Link - Here .

Instagram Link - Here

Rating :


My Verdict :

I love the fragrance and shape of the soap . Its handmade and natural . No chemical or artificial colors added in it . The soap lathers well . And did a great job as the normal market soap do . Plus its natural , paraben free and cruelty free . Soap has many pros then cons. I love to try their other soap variants of The Organic mill .You should definitely gonna try their soaps they have wide range of Soaps .

Love :


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Isheeria said...

This is really pretty and i like the sound of it. Going to check this out.. And hopefully get a set for myself too :)