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Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk & Celebrating World Milk Day. Cow Milk Full of Calcium & Nourishment .

Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk .

Hello everyone !!!! Hope you all are doing great . Today , I will talk about Cow Milk . Tomorrow was the " World Milk Day " . Every 1st June since 2001 , World Milk Day has been celebrated . World Milk Day is established by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to recognize the importance of milk as a global food .In home , we all get scolded for not drinking milk daily . :P atleast I am one of them :P. My mother always pinch me to drink milk daily . Even when I was in Hostel,  in college times ,she always reminding me by phone call to drink milk daily . 

So friends !!! Today , I will talk about numerous benefits of drinking Cow Milk .

Natural source of Protein & Calcium :

Milk is one of the best and Natural source of Calcium and Protein . Protein helps in the development of muscles , provide energy and nutrition to the bones . Calcium vital role is to  helps to strengthen the teeth and bones . Milk also has many essential Vitamins and Minerals which are very good for body and skin .

Keeps Bone healthy :

Cow milk is full of calcium and minerals  , which helps to make your bones strong and healthy . Make a habit to drink glassful of Milk in whole day whether in morning or before heading to bed . Growing children and teenagers should drink cow milk twice , it helps to make their bones strong and healthy from the base . 

Make skin Glowing :

Applying cow milk daily to your face and neck , you will see visible results just in a week . You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket by spending ounces of money on expensive creams . Cow milk is the best and cheapest option to make your skin glowing and fairer .

Cleanses Skin & Shrink Pores :

Milk is the safest and mildest way to deep cleanse the skin . It also helps to control melanin productions , when applied externally . Cow milk removes the sun tan in fastest way . You don't have to spend ounces of rupees at expensive products . Just apply raw milk at face and put it up for 10 minutes . Let it dry and wash with tap water while massaging .

Soothes Skin burn :

Cow Milk also helps in soothes the sun tan and skin burn , Cow milk is rich in Amino acid and Lactic acid , which works wonders to remove sun tan and soothes skin burns. You can also massage Cow milk full cream at bed time at the sun burn . 

Helps to reduce Wrinkles :

Cow milk is rich in protein and many essential minerals . By applying externally it works as an toner to the skin . Cow milk provide nutrition to the skin and wrinkles will be less noticeable .

Deep conditions the Hair :

Cow Milk helps to deep conditions the hairs and make them soft and supple if applied externally . Milk also helps to control frizz Mix 6 tbsp Milk add with 2 tbsp Honey , Mix them make a paste and apply on hairs . Put it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash it off with mild shampoo . And if you don't want to add honey , then you can apply simply full cream milk to the hairs massage properly like you massage with hair oil . And after wash you will be amazed by results .

Make hair shiny & strong :

Drinking milk or apply it externally make the hairs shiny and strong .Cow milk also reduce the frizz in hairs .  So add  Cow milk in you in your diet and beauty regime .

Aids in Good and sound Sleep :

Milk is rich in Amino acid that helps to calm the senses and helps to have good and sound sleep . So the people who are suffering from insomniac or disturbances in sleep . Its advisable to drink a glass of warm milk before heading to bed at night .

Hope you like my blog post . And add Cow milk in your daily Life . Drinking Cow Milk doesn't make you become fat instead it gives you immunity to fight with diseases . So , Start drink a glass full of Cow Milk your self , children and your loved ones . If you don't like the taste of cow milk then you can try some chocolate powders and shakes or add curd and paneer in your diet .

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