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My Experience with Nidsun Weight Loss : How i reduced my belly with non-surgical, non abrasive procedure

My Experience with Nidsun Weight Loss

Hello friends , I already shared few pictures on my Instagram that i started my weight loss journey  with Nidsun , Delhi . Today , I share my experience with the weight loss procedure - Ultrasound . So , before moving to the Ulltrasound Fat Blasting procedure  , let me introduce you all about Nidsun . 

About Nidsun :

Nidsun weight-Loss  has been in the Weight Loss business since the year 2005 and have gifted new lives to thousands people over this time .

The vision of Nidsun is to bring world class health facilities to the common man at the best price aiming at their long term health and fitness goals.

Nidsun was one of the first clinics in India to introduce Cryolipolysis ( Fat Freezing Procedure ) and Ultrasound Fat Blasting the kind of best weight loss in anywhere in North India . Nidsun weight Loss is a pioneer in these treatments and have successfully treated thousands clients seeking body shaping in Delhi , Chandigarh  and rest of North India . Thousands of people get benefited from the packages and continue to maintain till date. Nidsun Weight Loss came as combined effort from the energetic sibling duo of Dr. Sunny Bawa and Nidhi Mohan Kamal in 2007 . The name derived from the initials of both siblings Nid ( from Nidhi Mohan Kamal) , Sun ( from Dr. Sunny Bawa ) = Nid + Sun = Nidsun

The Nidsun Team has now grown bigger & includes an energetic team of Doctors, Dietitians , Nutrition Experts , Physiologists , Counselors , Trainers , Top notch hospitality  staff and therapists. 

Nidsun Weight Loss aims to provide serve and help people come out of Lifestyle related ailments related to obesity or over weight . Nidsun Weight Loss staff is passionate about results, ambitious and impatient for success. 

Checkout their website Here .

(Reception Area )

My Experince with Nidsun :

I have taken the 4 sessions of Ultrasound Fat Burning procedure . The ambiance there in Nidsun is quite amiable . The staff is so courteous and friendly , they takecare every need of there patients .The doctor there counselled me and told about the fat cells , fitness and procedure and then had been counselled by the dietician , she gave me the right diet plan to follow . Suggests me Do's and don't do's about the diet . The treatment room and machines are hygienically well .

( With the Doctor )

  • Ultrasound Fat Burning Treatment :

The procedure starts with circumference measurement of the target body ( Mine is abdomen ), then a gel is applied to the specific area and then after applies the Ultrasonic device directly to the specific area of the skin . Continues with the circular movement of the applicator over the treatment area . The heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers to immediately tighten the skin . The duration of treatment session normally takes around 20 to 40 minutes each depending upon the size of the area and thickness of the fat layers . Results can be notice after the first session , and more improvement noticed within few days . 4 or more sessions at One week or minimum 3 days interval is recommended in order to achieve an ideal result , but further treatments may be needed to attain your desired figure .

(During the procedure)

  • How Does i feel during the Ultrasound fat Bursting Session :

The treatment is painless and comfortable . Some people may feel slight discomfort due to the specific noise spreading inside the body ., but causes no harm and disappears as soon as the applicator is moved away  . I also feel warmth during the session .

  • what can be treated with the Ultrasound fat bursting :

1 - Fat and Cellulite reduction .

2 - Skin tightening and fat melting (when combined with radio frequency ).

3 - Body Sculpting .


  • Who can have Ultrasound treatments :

People who are healthy are safe to have treatment .

People with cardiac and vascular diseases , diabetes , acute illness , comprised liver function , severe bleeding tendencies , pacemaker carriers and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid undergoing the procedure .

  • Is Ultrasound Procedure painful ?

Ultrasound Fat bursting procedure is painless . Mild redness may appear occasionally but subside within few minutes . The procedure unlikely to give any pain  .The heat from the hand pieces during the treatment is perfectly tolerable .

  •  Is Ultrasound Fat Bursting Treatment safe ? Are there any side effects ?:

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment is safe , non - surgical procedure without anesthesia . Its is non - abrasive , no cutting , no scar , no downtime should be experienced after the treatment .

However , some people may experience mild redness , excessive thirst and nausea immediately after the treatment , which resolve by drinking water . They all are short terms effects that will disappear shortly .

I didn't faced any side- effect , Nidsun gives me the ORS water just before the treatment . There is a slight redness after the first session but that subsides too with 15-20 minutes.

  • What can one expect with the results :

The treatment yields immediate and long lasting results . Its a very effective procedure that requires few sittings consisting of 2- to 40 minutes session . My self experience noticeable circumference reduction after single session and with increasing result after each visit . The result may vary with the different tissue structure , treatment area , age , metabolism , medications and changes in the hormones . Proper diet and increased physical activity   will certainly improve and maintain the results .

I notice results after the first session . Here is my summary , how much i losed in each session :

My actual weight before taking the procedure 67.5 kgs .

1st session :  

Date : 31st september ,2016

Before -                                                         After -
               Weight : 67.5 kgs                                         Weight : 67. 4 kgs
               Fat % : 36.1                                                 Fat% : 35.4
               BMI : 24.1                                                    BMI : 23.8
               BMR : 1535                                                BMR : 1516

After the firat session i noticed and measured 1 inch lose in my abdomen area .

2nd Session :

Date :  15th October , 2016

After Session : 

                       Weight :  67.2 kgs
                       Fat % : 35.2
                       BMI :23.8
                       BMR :1502

3rd Session :

Date : 23rd October, 2016

After Session :

                           Weight : 65.4 Kgs
                            Fat % : 34.8
                           BMI : 23.2
                           BMR : 1469
My weight increased before the 3rd session because i didn't followed the diet and had fast food and indulged myself in fatty foods. But my belly area didn't get any fat .

4th Session :

Date : 21st november , 2016 

After Session :
                         Weight : 64.7
                          Fat % : 34.3
                          BMI : 22.9
                          BMR :1454

I am quite impressed by the results at the end of the session . My belly looking now more curvy and and i reduced a lot of my abdomen fat which i can not reduce by diet and exercise alone .

(During the session)

  • Which areas are suitable for the treatment :

Areas with localized fat such as thighs , abdomen , arms and buttocks where diet and exercise alone have not been able to get rid of the most appropriate and there is no real limitation as to the areas of body .

  • Can Ultrasound Fat Bursting lose weight :

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment is not a method to loose weight but to reshape the body . It particularly indicated for the reduction of  adiposity , like the famous "love handles" , "mummy tummy " .The treatment can be considered a deep fat blaster that reduces the stubborn fat cells that can not be removed with exercise and diet alone .

  • What is the difference between Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment and Liposuction :

The Ultrasound Fat Bursting treatment has the similar results as Liposuction .It removes excess cellulite and  fat .The Ultrasound Fat Bursting preventing the fat cells to reoccuring to the treated area , without damaging the vascular area .

  • How is the Fat eliminated from the body ? :
The Ultrasound Fat Bursting causes an emulsification of fat , it rupture fat cell membrane , there by releasing its fat content , converting it to substance easy to eliminate through sweat glands , liver sausage circulation , lymphatic system which eventually eliminate though urine .

Checkout their website for more details Here .

Also checkout their Instagram Page Here .

Ultrasound Fat Bursting is highly advanced method of rid of your stubborn cellulite and excess fat . Its non - surgical , non- abrasive , had no side effects . Its gives immediate and long lasting result . Any one who want to lose their excess fat before a special or important day and look their best can checkout the Nidsun treatments . They have the best treatments like , Ultrasound , Radio frequency- Body , Laser -lipolysis , Cryolipolysis fat freezing and RF Facials . They counselled the patient and give them a advice which treatments suits them best .

Hope you enjoy reading it .

See you all with new blogpost soon . 

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