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Dandruff cure and prevention.5 simple remedies to combat dandruff.


Most of us have had it or noticed dandruff on someone.The small white flakes you see on your shoulders or the shoulder of someone else. Its very embarrassing situation. So i came up with the few remedies you should love to try to cure dandruff.

First of all ,we have to know the causes of dandruff.

Causes of Dandruff : 

  • Dry skin. Simple dry skin is the most common cause of dandruff.
  • Non shampooing often enough.
  • Sensitivity to hair care products.
  • Over growth of yeast on dermatitis.        

Some remedies to combat dandruff.

1- Over the counter remedies-

Try over the counter dandruff shampoos that contain zinc and salicylic acid

2- Home Remedies-

  1. Aspirin Mask :
  • Take two tablets of aspirin and crush them into fine powder.Then add them to your shampoo.
  • Apply the shampoo with the aspirin to your hair, lathering and massaging it into your scalp.Let it sit on your hair for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse it out.
  • Wash your hair again with just mild shampoo to remove any lingering powder.

    2.-Aloe vera gel mask :

  • Apply natural aloe vera gel to your hairs and let it stay for 20 minutes.
  • This remedy will provide your scalp with cooling and calming sensation, keep your mind relaxed and de-stressed you.
  • Aloe vera is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties that help you fight bacterial and fungal infections in your hair effectively.

   3.- Use natural oils to moisturize your scalp:

  • You can use natural oils such as olive oil ,coconut ,castor oil etc.
  • Massage your hair with warm oil not hot.Leave the oil overnight on your scalp.
  • In the morning wash your hairs with mild shampoo.
  • This remedy helps to moisturize yours hairs from within.

   4.- Curd and egg mask :

  • Mix a portion of egg white with curd and apply directly to your hairs. Leave it for about 15 minutes .
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo with cold water.
  • Egg whites is naturally rich in proteins that are helpful in keeping your hair nourished and getting rid of split ends also.

   5.- Apple cider Rinse :

  • Mix 4 tbsp apple cider and 4 tbsp water and add 10- 15 drops of  tea tree oil in it.
  • Apply the mixture on your hairs for about 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water simply.
  • This remedy make your hair more radiant and also you get rid of dandruff.
It's all about remedies and causes ,but what about prevention .Yes ,we always says prevention is better than cure. Here are some preventions.

Prevention :

  • Keep your hair clean.Wash it thrice or twice at least.
  • Avoid hair pray and hair gels.
  • Spend some time in outdoor in sun .Its very essential for your scalp skin.
  • Maintain a diet high in zinc and B vitamins.
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